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VIDEO: Ronnie Lott went Gangam Style before falling off a chair

Ronnie Lott with his greatest move.

The Pac-12 Networks seems way more assured in its second year of programming, and their postgame show looks very polished with a rotation of Mike Yam, Rick Neuheisel, Curtis Conway and Ronnie Lott in the studio. Lott wasn't part of gameday coverage last year, and it was a good move for the Network.

Lott's been throwing out plenty of his own moves as a result! Like the ones he does above.

For those who have trouble viewing the videos, watch in GIF form.


via @PuntingWinning

But that isn't the first time he's gone loco on set.

Ronnie is one of the greatest NFL players ever along with being one of the greatest Trojans ever, and he and Rick Neuheisel always turn out to be really good on television together. But Ronnie is going a little wild on the set here, and he might need to be controlled before ESPN tries snatching him up to replace Mark May.

Wait, ESPN still hasn't replaced Mark May? They'll never replace Mark May.

Never mind Ronnie, keep on doing what you do!