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Pac-12 Pick'em: Standings and Week Two Games

See where you stand and submit your picks for week two (due by 9am PDT Saturday).


Week two of the Pacific Takes Pick'em contest is now upon us. Below you will find some interesting tidbits of information as well as standings and the week two games.

In case you missed week one, you can still enter this contest and be eligible to win prizes come the end of the regular season. There is no better time than now because week one produced a myriad of scores.

Quick numbers/info from Week One::

  • 38 total enteries (Let's get some more. tell your friends!)
  • Biggest favorite: LSU (95%) over TCU
  • Hotly contested: Tie - NU (58%) over Cal, UW (58%) over Boise St.
  • Largest fan involvement: Washington

Without further adieu, here are the week one standings:


Week Two Games

Portland St. @ California
Hawaii @ Oregon St.
Washington St. @ USC
Cincinnati @ Illinois
South Carolina @ Georgia
Notre Dame @ Michigan

Rules amendment: I will use a pretty common method to break any ties that should arise come seasons end. The last week of games I will ask users to submit a game score for one of the six games picked. If we need to go beyond that we will use a less scientific method (coin flip).

Please click here or submit your info in the form below to enter our contest and make your picks. *Remember to write down and re-use the unique username and password you chose.* Otherwise we won't be able to track your progress. Thank you and good luck!

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