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Pacific Soundbites: Will Sutton is an enormous human being

Can he stay that way all season?


Listen to the entirety of the SB Nation at Pac-12 Media Day 2013 podcast!

Avinash Kunnath, Pacific Takes: I guess we have a new member here.

Cody Ulm, House of Sparky: Cody Ulm, House of Sparky. I was late.

AK: Hey Cody. No worries. You're pulling in the writing. What's the experience been like at Pac-12 Media Day? Has it gotten better every year? Is it improving?

CU: Well this would be my first year here. But it certainly was an experience to say that from an ASU perspective too. Especially with all the hype around the program and all that right now. It was cool for once to see ASU be one of the longer forums. You know what I mean, just a lot of people had questions about how they're handling all the expectations with Will Sutton, the offense, just all of that. It was nice to see us kind of in the same breadth in the USCs and the Stanfords for once.

David Gerhardt, Ralphie Report: Can I just say Will Sutton looked enormous.

CU: [Gained] 20 pounds.

DG: He looks like he's added more than 20 pounds. That's a big dude.

Ben Haber, House of Sparky: If he could add a strength dynamic to his game--which he already did have--but for an interior lineman, he really relies on speed and getting off the blocks really quick. So if that weight really helps him, that could be dangerous to all these guys around here.

CU: The real thing is going to be keeping it on throughout the year though. I have my doubts if that can happen. It's pretty easy to put 20 pounds on in the weight room in the offseason, especially when you're a collegiate player like that, you're still growing, you know? Til like age 24 or so.

So I have my doubts if he'll be able to stay 305 for once. Because I remember when he first got to ASU and they brought him down, and now he's going back up to that weight. It does look it's good weight in my opinion, but we'll see if he keep it on.