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CFB Pick'em: Week 3 Standings & Picks

Two upsets defined our week 2 pick'em. See where you stand and make your week 3 picks.

Stephen Dunn

CONTEST UPDATE: while the brass at SBNation loves our entrepreneurial spirit, we have been directed to move the Pick'em contest to Yahoo! Fantasy. This is great for two reasons: 1)  this gives everyone a familiar and more streamlined plaform and 2) I no longer have to count picks! I will however combine the results from weeks 1-2 into this Yahoo contest when all is said and done so do not fret.

New contest ink: click here or

NOTE: Please use the username you have been using Team Name in Yahoo so I can identify you.

Yahoo! Pick'em info & settings....below you will find the league settings. Games are chosen by Yahoo (highlighted matchups plus Pac-12 games) and confidence points will be used.

Group Settings

Setting Current Value
Group ID#: 19527
Group Password gopac12
Confidence Points Yes
Spread No
Tiebreakers Yes
Start Week 3
Drop Scores No, use all weeks
Deadline 5 minutes before the first game of each week
Games To Include Use Yahoo! default and Pac-12 conference games

Quick numbers/info from Week One::

  • Defying the Odds: Washington State (11%)
  • Biggest favorite: Tie - Cal (100%) over PSU, OSU (100%) over Hawaii
  • Largest fan involvement: Oregon
  • Favorites reign supreme: the closest pick was Georgia (72%) over South Carolina

Week 3 Standings:


Thank you and good luck in Week 3!