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Four Pac-12 Teams in Top 25 Polls with Oregon Ranked Second in Both

USC's exit leaves the Pac-12 with one fewer team in the Top 25 polls, but Arizona State is right on the edge.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Oregon - #2 both polls

The Ducks moved from number three to number two in the USA Today poll, leapfrogging Ohio State, likely on the strength of their blowout win at Virginia this week. Until proven otherwise, the Ducks look like the team most likely to dethrone Alabama this season if anyone can.

Stanford - #4 AP & #5 USA Today

The Cardinal held steady with their comfortable win against what is expected to be a good San Jose State win. The Cardinal need to continue handling solid teams as well as they did the Spartans if they hope to not get passed up by others in the national title race.

UCLA - #16 AP & #17 USA Today

The Bruins had a bye week, but got some help with other teams losing in front of them. They now have a chance to make a major statement and confirm that they will stay strong in their second year under Jim Mora if they can win at ranked Nebraska Saturday.

Washington - #19 AP & #23 USA Today

Same for the Huskies as the Bruins. They can seal up their first undefeated non-conference slate in a long, long time if they can beat Illinois in Chicago Saturday and they need to if they hope to stay near the Top 25 with how strong their early-Pac-12 slate is.

Arizona State - Leading vote getter not ranked in AP

The Sun Devils are as close to being ranked as you can be without getting in, and will definitely get into the Top 25 if they can beat ranked Wisconsin Saturday.

Dropped out - USC

The Trojans looked horrible on offense in their upset loss to Washington State and it seems unlikely that the Trojans will be able to get back into this territory unless they make some major changes.