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Bracketology 2014: Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, UCLA, Cal, Stanford dancing right now

If the tournament was announced today, the Pac-12 would probably have at least five teams in March Madness and two on the bubble.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

This is the latest bracketology from Joe Lunardi. Here are the Pac-12 teams that are just making it into the dance.

Arizona (1st seed)

I have a feeling Arizona will stay here all season unless they endure a stunning collapse.

Colorado (6th seed):

Colorado is going to hold onto those Kansas and Oregon wins for dear life and hope they can stay afloat. Luckily they have the best homecourt advantage in the Pac-12 and Tad Boyle to count on. UCLA and USC come to Boulder this weekend.

Oregon (6th seed)

Oregon is not in the danger zone yet, but if the defense doesn't pick up they will be. The Ducks can't afford to just get attacked mercilessly on one side of the floor and expect to survive.

UCLA (8th seed)

UCLA is in that strange place where they have no great wins but have beaten everyone they're supposed to beat. So they float in the oblivion of the 8th seed.

Cal (10th seed, new entry)

It seems like the Golden Bears are a marquee win over UCLA or Arizona away from feeling pretty confident about their chances at the dance. Cal is the only other team aside from Arizona that is undefeated in Pac-12 play. Score an upset over the two best teams in conference play and they will be good to go.

Stanford (12th seed, last four in)

Stanford is clawing to stay in this one as Johnny Dawkins looks to keep his job. The win over Oregon keeps him afloat.

Arizona State (second among first four out)

The Sun Devils are just hanging on, but they need some marquee wins in a hurry.