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Colorado 41, Colorado State 27: 10th best Pac-12 OOC football win of 2013

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The Colorado Buffaloes needed to know that things would be a little bit different on day one. Mike MacIntyre had come here to try and right the ship and change the situation, and boy did the Buffs need some rejuvenating.

Colorado had been on life support in previous seasons. The team had been run over in the Pac-12. And to make matters worse, they had trouble beating Colorado State.

MacIntyre made sure that this year would be different, and Colorado took some positive steps forward this season. The team seemed to take a marked step forward from previous years, and the Buffs started the season on a positive note. It's hopefully the first of many positive steps forward for the Buffs.

Recap from Ralphie Report:

After falling behind 24-23 in the third quarter, Colorado outscored CSU by an 18-3 margin, handing Mike MacIntyre his first win as the Buffs' head coach.

Connor Wood likely was unrecognizable to anyone who saw him play in 2012, as he racked up 400 passing yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions. Wood was patient, making check downs when he needed to, and he had time to operate in the pocket, thanks to an offensive line that seems to have improved tenfold.

Any questions about Paul Richardson's knee were answered just over two minutes into the game, when CU's second offensive play from scrimmage saw CSU bring a heavy blitz, which Wood escaped, as he spotted Richardson wide open down the left side of the field for an easy 82-yard touchdown. Richardson would accumulate 208 receiving yards on the afternoon.