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Bracketology 2014: Arizona, Oregon, UCLA, Colorado in; Stanford, ASU, Cal on bubble

Seven Pac-12 teams seem to have a shot at March Madness.

Via Joe Lunardi.

Arizona: No. 1 seed in the West. The Wildcats seem to be in a comfortable position to be playing in San Diego the first week of the tournament if everything stays in order. Their road doesn't look too bumpy to Anaheim, with a battle with New Mexico or St. Mary's coming up after what should be a battle in the first round.

Oregon: No. 3 seed in the South. Oregon would head to Spokane here and then line up with a battle against Gonzaga in the second round. In Spokane. Fun matchup.

Colorado: No. 5 seed in the South. Colorado has a good shot at getting to the second round, but after they face a difficult foe in New Mexico State.

UCLA: No. 7 seed in the West. The Bruins battle Illinois in the first round before facing a battle with Florida or Elon. After that comes Baylor or San Diego State. Pretty rough road.

Stanford: No. 12 seed in the West. This was before Stanford's home loss to Cal though, which puts the Cardinal in a pretty perilous situation. The Cardinal would have to do a play-in game against Xavier.

Arizona State: They were in the first four out, but they might be bumping down after a shocking loss to Washington.

Cal: Part of the next four out. The Bears did beat Stanford though, which should help them move up the bracket lineup.