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College football rankings: Six Pac-12 teams in final AP top 25 poll of 2014

Oregon, Stanford, UCLA, USC, Arizona State and Washington are the usual suspects in the final top 25 poll.

Ronald Martinez

View full AP Top 25 poll here.

9th: Oregon Ducks — Oregon again finishes as the top Pac-12 team thanks to a dominant win over Texas. They finish ahead of Stanford with a record of 11-2, although Ducks fans probably weren’t as happy as they would like to be about their season.

11th: Stanford Cardinal
— Stanford falls a pretty drastic six spots for losing by a few points to Michigan State. A pretty significant overreaction there by the voters, but I’m sure Stanford will be happy with their Pac-12 title.

16th: UCLA Bruins
— UCLA moves up a spot for their thrashing of Virginia Tech, and along with Oregon and Stanford figure to be the top contenders for the Pac-12 crown next year.

19th: USC Trojans — USC stormed their way up for seven spots after one of the most impressive wins of the bowl season. There could be some high expectations for Steve Sarkisian in a few years.

21st: Arizona St. Sun Devils — ASU’s disappointing performance against Texas Tech was one of the biggest blemishes on the Pac-12 postseason calendar. They dropped several spots.  It’s the first time ASU has been ranked since 2007.

25th: Washington Huskies — Washington’s dominating performance over BYU helped the Huskies finish in the top 25 for the first time since 2001.