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Oregon football recruiting: Ducks add 2016 4 star quarterback Seth Green

The Ducks have 4 star QB Travis Waller committed in 2015 and are bringing in another quarterback with a heigh ceiling in Green

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

There are a lot of pieces to what makes the Oregon offense so consistently successful, but there can be no doubt that the most important piece that makes them go currently is Marcus Mariota.

The only problem with that being the case is that Oregon is likely to lose Mariota to the NFL next season and the level of play at quarterback is bound to go down next season. Fortunately for the Ducks, the future looks very bright with 4 star Travis Waller committed for the 2015 recruiting class and they have followed that up with the addition of another 4 star quarterback in the 2016 class with a commitment from Seth Green of East Ridge High School (Minnesota).

Green needs to improve his mechanics as a thrower, but has an incredibly high ceiling. He shows flashes of big time arm strength and is also a dual threat player that can move the chains with his feet.

You can find a more extensive scouting report here, but I wanted to focus on a couple of examples of something Green does really well right now and something he needs to improve on.

One thing I like about Green's game right now is his commitment to sell play action fakes and because of that, his mechanics are much more solid and consistent when he throws the football.

The clip above is typical of when Green runs a fake. He is in rhythm and is balanced in the pocket. That is what allows him to make a very good throw on the deep ball.

It's when Green has time to throw and doesn't hit his initial read that his footwork and decision making aren't nearly as sharp. You can see this when he rolls out and his primary option isn't available.

The clip above might have resulted in a positive play, but it was a bad decision and a dicey throw that he floated. That's a pick in most cases and he definitely got away with one.

Green has plenty of time to refine his mechanics and decision making before he gets to Eugene and more than likely will have time to sit and learn behind a player like Waller once he officially becomes a Duck. That's probably what will be best for Green though and it should result in a lot more plays like the one above than the clip I showed below when it becomes his turn to lead the Ducks offense.

Oregon has recruited very well in recent years and adding a player with a ceiling as high as Green is a terrific foundation for their offensive recruiting in 2016.