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Pac-12 Picks, Week 8: Party like it's 1994!

Oregon's throwback unis, Bercovici's awesome photo skills, and other slightly informative Pac-12 news.

Jonathan Ferrey

Game Picks

Last Week: 0-3-1
Season: 27-21-1
Home team in CAPS.

Thursday, October 16th, 7:00 PM PDT
OREGON STATE (+3) over #20 Utah

  • Nothing really funny or interesting happened with Oregon State this week. Be more fun, Beavers.
  • Utah might not have a football dynasty, but they are hoping to land an Egyptian one:

Saturday, October 18th, 12:30 PM PDT
CALIFORNIA (+7) over University of California, Los Angeles


  • A GoFundMe campaign has raised $6,400 (only $100 short of its goal!) for a billboard that will say "Fire Dan Guerro". He's UCLA's athletic director.

3:00 PM PDT
Colorado (+19.5) over #22 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA

  • Colorado has done surprisingly well against the spread this year, and I think they can keep that success going with a HUGE spread for the Trojans to cover. The spread won't really matter though, since Colorado will win outright.
  • Remember when USC was going to wear their Christmas ornament helmets at the start of the year? Or when they were supposed to wear them two weeks ago against ASU? Apparently, the Trojans will finally break them in against the Buffaloes:

5:00 PM PDT
#9 OREGON (-20.5) over Washington

  • For some reason, the Ducks will wear Baylor's uniforms on Saturday:

  • Tuesday marked the 4,000th day since Washington last beat Oregon. Great rivalry.

7:30 PM PDT
#17 ARIZONA STATE (+3) over #23 Stanford

  • Heisman Candidate Mike Bercovici and probably his girlfriend in an Awkward Family Photo:

  • When I first heard about Leap Frogs entering Stanford Stadium last Saturday, I thought Stanford fans literally leap frogged each other to try to break a world record or something. That was not the case. Here's a cool video that also shows off Stanford's great turnout:

Song of the Week

In honor of Oregon's throwback to 1994, here's a music video throwback from 1994 (which is a throwback in itself):