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Pac-12 Quarterback Review: Five for Five

The first truly up-and-down week of the season for Pac-12 quarterbacks, power-rank style.

Brett Hundley celebrates a third quarter touchdown against Arizona State
Brett Hundley celebrates a third quarter touchdown against Arizona State
Christian Petersen

This week was nothing if not interesting for quarterbacks in the conference. The requisite shoot-outs and the eye-popping stats were, as always, entertaining. There were also a surprising number of mediocre performances, however. The jury is still out on if this is a momentary blip, a reaction to starting conference play in earnest, or something else entirely. This week, because who doesn't love a good power-rank gimmick, we celebrate week five by ranking the top five! Read on to see if your favorite quarterback made the cut!

1) Sefo Liufau, Colorado

On one hand, Colorado lost this game. On the other, Sefo Liufau had a truly astonishing career game. When a quarterback puts up 455 yard, seven touchdowns, and only one interception, blaming them for a loss is an untenable position. If the Buffs want to pull some upsets down the stretch and continue their re-building process, this is the kind of performance Liufau will need to pull off.

From Ralphie Report: "He looked comfortable, healthy, and decisive, which is important for a young quarterback ... He looked like a quarterback that could take the Buffs to a bowl game."

2) Brett Hundley, UCLA

Hundley's day defines ruthless efficiency for a quarterback. 18 of 23 for 355, and four touchdowns to zero interceptions with the dogs called off early in a blowout is impressive. If the Bruins keep winning, and Hundley keeps playing this well, the H-word is going to start getting floated more and more. The Pac-12 Offensive player of the week showed that recent injuries shouldn't be concerning Bruin fans.

From Bruin Nation: "Brett Hundley had a terrifying game on paper and it was equally terrifying on film ... he was phenomenal and actually was allowed to unleash his arm talent more then he had in the past."

3) Jared Goff, California

24 of 24 for 458 yards is a ridiculous day for any quarterback. Thats nineteen-plus yards per completion. Yes, nineteen.Of course, a 92 yard completion helps skew that number up, but it isn't made any less impressive. The only reason Goff slides down in the ranking is relative expectations. Somehow, this was his second worst QBR of the season. As Cal continues their impressive start to the season, Goff will need to play like this every week for the Bears to hang around in Pac-12 play.

From California Golden Blogs: "Passing offense: exceeds expectations. No O for the Bear Raid Commander, even after seven TD passes and 448 yards? You're goddamn right I'm not giving him an O -- he's too talented not to have the standards raised on him somewhat by now."

4) Connor Halliday

Connor Halliday may throw for 5000 yards this season. His 417 yards against Utah were the second least he's thrown for this season, and that over 12 games would still be over 5000 yards. If Wazzu can string together six wins, 6000 yards may not be completely out the picture. These are just  completely crazy numbers. It's clear at this point that the 125th ranked rushing offense in the country probably isn't going to improve enough to carry the team, so it'll have to be Halliday week in, week out. This week wasn't his best performance, which almost makes it more impressive.

From CougCenter: "The last time the Cougs did something like this was 1988, so yes, what they did last night was highly improbable. But not impossible. And Connor Halliday, once again, had a lot to do with that. After getting off to a slow start (like the rest of the team), he finished with a flourish."

5) Cody Kessler, USC

Another week, another workmanlike performance from Cody Kessler. He doesn't have the eye-popping stat lines of other QBs in the conference, but his efficiency and consistency is important for this Trojans team. 24 of 32 for 262 and two touchdowns on the way to a four touchdown win is exactly what USC needs from Kessler.

From Conquest Chronicles: "In another normal, mundane start filled with solid accomplishments, quarterback Cody Kessler continued to spread out the rock while not turning the football over ... his performance was right up to par with what we've come to expect from one confident quarterback."

The quarterback play in the Pac-12 may be the best positional unit any conference in the country has. Week-in, week-out, it finds new and better ways to impress. As another week of football starts tonight, prepare for even more fireworks!