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USC 56, Colorado 28: Trojans bouncing back, Buffs improving, Lendale White crazy

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Stephen Dunn
Sam Barbee: USC has rebounded well from its Hail Mary loss to Arizona State. A sign of a good team is to win the games you're supposed to, and they certainly did that against the Buffs.

That said, Colorado is better this year. The blowout loss to USC doesn't change that, but they still have a ways to go.

Mark Schipper:  This game was a beating, but it seemed to be because Colorado was making big mistakes. The Trojans went up 42-7 before the Buffs started scoring. Cody Kessler completed 19 passes, seven of them were touchdowns. Seven! That, to me, points to blown assignments.

Colorado is getting better and that is a good thing. This was a program that for about 20 seasons combined the very stylish setting of their school up in the mountains with a big, brutal, talented football team. Right along with Nebraska and Oklahoma, Colorado was a bell cow in the Big-8 and Big-12. Also, they have great uniforms. If the conference starts getting some big time games up in the mountains with a little snow falling over Fulsom Field the Buffs will be everything the league hoped for when it brought them on board.

USC looks dangerous but inconsistent. Anything can happen in the South.

Trace Travers: The biggest news of the day might have been Lendale White getting kicked out of the Coliseum. But nonetheless, this was honestly expected. Cody Kessler threw seven touchdown passes, which seems to be a common theme for quarterbacks against Colorado. Sefo Liufau got taken down a notch though, in averaging 4.1 an attempt, which can't continue if the Buffaloes want to win another game this  year. Buck Allen averaged 8.5 yards a carry as well, and has six 100 yard games this season for the Trojans. If USC can keep up the balanced attack, they can get back into the crowded Pac-12 south race.