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Oregon Ducks football still lords over Washington, extending winning streak to 11

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Steve Dykes

Avinash Kunnath: Oregon is back to being Oregon. Arizona gives them trouble with that fast spread defense, but the Ducks have clearly proven they are still explosive enough to beat most teams. They aren't as strong as past Oregon teams (their point production is down and they have their fair share of hiccups), but with Marcus Mariota steering the offense they are still a top-ten college offense. And now that they've discovered Royce Freeman is their feature back, they are set to drill the rest of the conference in the run game once again.

Washington is simply not there yet. They lost all their offensive talent this offseason and they look like a pretty pedestrian unit on that side of the ball when they face an even semi-competent defense. Their defense is very talented, but the Huskies continue their long-standing struggle against spread-option teams. These guys get confused way too often, and now Arizona State and Arizona are coming up. They will not have an easy road to the finish line.

Sam Barbee: I was optimistic yet cautious heading into this one. I thought Washington has as good a shot in these 11 years as they've had to come out with a win, but the Dawgs aren't close enough yet. The offensive troubles came back in force and the defense was simply overwhelmed. It was over in the first half. That said, Oregon is really good. The Ducks always seem to put up a stinker at some point in the season and they got it out of the way early. I wouldn't be surprised if Oregon gets into the playoff and makes some noise there. It's a solid club.

Trace Travers: The return of Jake Fisher is pivotal for the Oregon offense. They allowed 12 sacks in the two games he missed, which didn't bode well for Marcus Mariota at the time. But he's back and Oregon's offense rolled with Royce Freeman leading the charge. The Oregon offense tore through a Washington defense that looked stellar last week in stymieing the Bear Raid. Cyler Miles and the Washington offense went back to struggling, and Troy Williams didn't fare too much better. This marked the 11th straight win against UW for the Ducks, and the Ducks are definitely trending upward.

Mark Schipper: The Ducks are getting back up to speed after getting knocked down by Arizona. Washington has work to do and I don’t think there was a lot from this game for them to be happy about.

Why Oregon ever went away from those uniforms on a regular basis remains a difficult to explain game plan. They looked just as good as I had remembered them.