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Pac-12 TV Guide Week Nine: USC at Utah Pac-12 game of the week

Each week, Avinash Kunnath and Jack Follman rank the Pac-12 games based on watchability.

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Pac-12 Game of the Week: USC at Utah 7 p.m. FOX Sports 1

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AK: Great offense meets killer defense. I'm not sure if the Utes can hold down the Trojans the entire game, but if they can run the football and get maybe 20 or so points, it might be enough to keep them in it late. USC barely escaped the Stanford game with a win, and Utah's front seven has looked extremely mighty. Big game to balance the Pac-12 South race.

JF: I love how this one looks. The Utes have the defense and underrated home field advantage to make this a low-scoring, but still entertaining affair where every single play matters. Every game between the power five in the South the rest of the season is going to be a must-watch with a ton on the line.

2. Arizona at Washington State - 2 p.m. Pac-12 Network

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3. Arizona State at Washington - 7:45 p.m. ESPN

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Oh, you think the Pac-12 South is the preeminent division? Oh, you think Arizona has the best coaches in the conference? Oh, you think your Wildcats and Sun Devils are ready to put yourselves on the Pac-12 championship track? Oh, have you both forgotten you're playing first year starting quarterbacks up in the Pacific Northwest?

Welcome to Washington, destination pain.

JF: Arizona at Washington State is going to be another one of those 1,000 plus yard passing games where someone wins 56-49 and I don't really know who. Those games are a little bit overwhelming for me, but I think most people like them and the outcome is going to be huge for both teams as Arizona cannot afford to lose a game to the worst team in the North with some very tough in-division games still on their schedule and Washington State needs to win to have any hope of getting to a bowl game.

Arizona State at Washington is your prototypical "What the hell is going to happen" Pac-12 game this season. Washington looked bad last week, but they always do against Oregon, so maybe they are actually pretty good? Arizona State looked dominant against Stanford last week, but maybe that was just because Stanford's putrid offense was due to have them lose in a game where they were favored and ASU got some early breaks? It is in Seattle and will be raining? But does that kind of stuff matter at all this season? Who knows. That's why you watch.

4. UCLA at Colorado - 11 a.m. - Pac-12 Network

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AK: The Buffs are a mighty entertaining team this year, but I fear they've hit their wall after blowing winnable games against Cal and Oregon State. Their offense is much improved but their defense is a disaster. UCLA will look to totally right the ship in this game and prepare for an epic tilt against Arizona.

JF: Upset alert. Upset alert. Wait, is anyone beating UCLA still an upset?

5. Oregon vs. Cal - Friday 7 p.m. FOX Sports 1

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AK: I don't expect this one to be close, but I do expect it to be wild. Pac-12 night games have been crazy affairs. Oregon played a close affair with Washington State a few weeks back, making me think the Ducks will have more trouble stopping teams that can spread it out. Cal isn't stopping anyone tonight though.

JF: This one looked very interesting a few weeks ago, but with the way Oregon is playing right now and Cal's mounting injury problems, I have a hard time seeing Cal keeping this one close for long. However, Cal is the type of team that has seemed to give Oregon problems as of late and the Ducks are one injury away from being a mess on the offensive line again.

6. Oregon State at Stanford - 12:30 p.m. ESPN2

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AK: This is going to be an ugly slop of a football game. The Beavers can barely run and Stanford can barely score. Sean Mannion will make a few nice throws, Stanford defense will force a crucial turnover, and one of those things will decide the game. Enjoy your 17-3 result, sadists.

JF: This actually is not that bad of a game on paper, but I just feel like this is your typical bounce back game for Stanford against a one-dimensional team where they quietly win by 14 points.