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Oregon Ducks football vs. Cal video highlights: Marcus Mariota shows why he's Heisman frontrunner

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Kudos to FOX Sports and Reddit for helping compile these GIFs!

Cal would show some game early with a few nice plays. Luke Rubenzer ran it into the end zone early...

And Vic Enwere trucked his way into the end zone.

But after the early two touchdown drives, Oregon pretty much took control from that point on and stayed ahead for most of the game. And it was mostly due to the efforts of Marcus Mariota.

Watch Mariota scramble from one sideline to the other sideline.

Mariota would find Dwayne Stanford to tie things up at 7-7.

An excellent kickoff return by Oregon came after Cal went up 14-7.

Royce Freeman would eventually plunge it in to tie things up.

Jared Goff would avoid pressure once to get a throw off to Chris Harper...

...but the Ducks forced a turnover on Goff, setting up a short field for an Oregon field goal.

Mariota would find Pharaoh Brown to put the Ducks up 10.

And Cal found themselves in deep trouble after a Charles Nelson punt return saw many missed tackles and the Ducks going up 31-14.

Cal did rally though! Goff found Stephen Anderson for a touchdown.

With Cal in need of a turnover, Todd Barr forced a fumble which Michael Lowe recovered and took toward the red zone.

Daniel Lasco dived in on 4th and goal to make it 31-28 Oregon.

With Oregon driving, Mariota would then throw his first pick of the year on a tip-assist pick to Stefan McClure.

But Cal could do nothing with it, and Mariota was back in the red zone--and the end zone--after connecting with Stanford again.

The real back-breaker came right after halftime, as Mariota found Byron Marshall on a wheel route (on 3rd and 21!) that put the Ducks up 45-28.

Goff found Lasco on a nice play as he juked one Duck out for a huge gain. Oregon would end up holding Cal down though.

Oregon would march down the field to go up by 24.

Cal would try and cut back into the lead...

But a fumbled punt return put this game on ice.

Mariota found Brown again to cap off the Oregon scoring at 59 points.