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Pac-12-focused Top 25 10/27: Arizona State and Utah move up

Four Pac-12 teams make the Top 25.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

1. Florida State 7-0

2. Mississippi State 7-0

3. Auburn 6-1

4. Notre Dame 6-1

5. Mississippi 7-1

6. Alabama 7-1

7. Oregon 7-1

To me, getting to the Playoff is really all in Oregon's hands now as the SEC teams ahead of them will beat each other up and the Big 12 and Big Ten teams below them won't jump them with equal losses. They need to stay healthy and run the table in a Pac-12 that looks devoid of another elite team.

8. Georgia 6-1

9. Michigan State 7-1

10. Baylor 6-1

11. TCU 6-1

12. Kansas State 6-1

13. Ohio State 6-1

14. Arizona 6-1

That win at Oregon keeps the Wildcats atop the Pac-12 heap, but they are going to have to defend that spot at UCLA Saturday and keep battling as they face a tough November slate. It might seem crazy, but the Wildcats are still a distant Playoff contender if they can run the table and beat Oregon again in the Pac-12 Championship Game.

15. Arizona State 6-1

The Sun Devils showed that they can grind-it-out by winning two-straight physical games against Stanford and Washington, solidifying themselves as a Top 15 team. They can put themselves in a great spot in the South if they can get a win over Utah at home Saturday.

16. Utah 6-1

There is no question that Utah is legit and a serious contender to win the entire Pac-12 now. They are the Pac-12 South's Stanford and play another huge game Saturday at Arizona State.

17. LSU 7-2

18. Oklahoma 5-2

19. West Virginia 6-2

20. Nebraska 7-1

21. Clemson 6-2

22. Marshall 8-0

23. East Carolina 6-1

24. Missouri 6-2

25. Duke 6-1