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Pacific Takes Pac-12 Power Rankings Post-Week Nine: Arizona State takes top spot in South

Arizona State and Utah move to the top of the South.

Gene Sweeney Jr.


1. Oregon 7-1 4-1 (1)

The Ducks looked a bit vulnerable again in their win over Cal, but still have a firm command in the North. They can basically wrap up the division with a win over Stanford Saturday.

2. Stanford 5-3 3-2 (2)

The Cardinal might be a cold property right now, but they can change all of that by beating Oregon Saturday. Regardless, still a big gap between them and the rest of the North below them.

3. Washington 5-3 1-3 (3)

Another tough loss for the Huskies, but the strength of their defense keeps them in the top half of the North. They are going to have start winning games now that their schedule is lightening up in November.

4. Cal 4-4 2-4 (5)

The Bears lost, but at least kept the score respectable against Oregon and scored a lot of points.

5. Oregon State 4-3 1-3 (4)

The Beavers got dominated by Stanford but can bounce back and go after the third spot in the North in the next few weeks.

6. Washington State 2-6 1-4 (6)

The Cougars got thrashed right out of the gate against Arizona and now need back to where they were playing a few weeks ago to have a hope for ending the season on a positive note.


1. Arizona State 6-1 4-1 (2)

Arizona State took down another powerful North team, this time on the road and narrowly beat out Arizona and Utah for the top spot here.

2. Utah 6-1 3-1 (4)

Massive statement by Utah, knocking off the team that had been at the top of the South in our power rankings. They can do it again and take the top spot themselves next week if they can win at Arizona State.

3. Arizona 6-1 3-1 (3)

The Wildcats got a great win at Washington State, but got jumped by Utah because of their epic win. They have a major test this week at UCLA.

4. USC 5-3 3-2 (1)

The Trojans plummeted after their loss to Utah, they now need to win a trap game at Washington State to avoid putting themselves almost out of the South race.

5. UCLA 6-2 3-2 (5)

The Bruins pulled out another tight game against a Pac-12 team that isn’t supposed to be too good so they are still very questionable. They can get themselves right back in the South chase though with a win over Arizona.

6. Colorado 2-6 0-5 (6)

Another week, another tough close loss for the Buffs. They are going to finally get a Pac-12 win against somebody.