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Pac-12 bowl projections 10/30: Oregon in Sugar Bowl

Can 10 Pac-12 teams get into bowls?

Brian Bahr

Sugar Bowl - Florida State vs. Oregon

The Ducks have burned everyone by dropping an unexpected game or two in November the past few years, keeping them out of the national title chase, but I just don't see a Pac-12 team right now that has the talent and is playing well enough right now to knock them off. I think they win out and one SEC team will as well along with Michigan State. In this situation, I think the committed puts Auburn and Michigan State in the Rose Bowl and pits Oregon against Florida State who is the nation's lone undefeated team.

Alamo Bowl - Arizona State vs. Baylor

I am starting to really like Arizona State to win the South. They have shown that they can play with super physical teams the past two weeks, but also have the offensive firepower to stick with big offense teams. They have a chance to make some serious noise in November with Notre Dame on the schedule along with Arizona and Utah. If they win the South they will also get a shot at Oregon, but I don't think they would win it, dropping them into the Pac-12's best non-BCSy bowl.

Holiday Bowl - Stanford vs. Iowa

I think Stanford bounces back after losing to Oregon on Saturday with a good chance of winning out, making them a good bowl candidate in-state when the regular season is over.

San Francisco Bowl - USC vs. Minnesota

USC is another team that is not hot right now that I see bouncing back who could also make some serious noise by upsetting Notre Dame. I think they end up tied with a lot of Pac-12 teams in the upper-middle of the South but are the most attractive program to the bowls of the bunch.

Sun Bowl - Arizona vs. Boston College

The Wildcats are a hard team for me to figure out, but I think they lose a couple more games and come out short of a South title. That would still leave them with a great record and as a very attractive candidate for bowls.

Las Vegas Bowl - Utah vs. Boise State

This might seem like a bad spot for Utah, but I have to stress that this has more to do with how bowls pick teams than how I think they will finish, just outside of the top spot in the South.

Cactus Bowl - UCLA vs. Oklahoma State

I think this is going to continue being a very, very disappointing season for the Bruins and they crawl into the Pac-12's final bowl slot against a struggling Big 12 opponent.

Music City Bowl - Washington vs. Georgia Tech

The Huskies are on a bad skid right now and look completely lost offensively, but their defense should be good enough to carry them to bowl eligibility and there will be spots vacated by other conferences for them to fill.

Belk Bowl - Oregon State vs. Miami

I am not that confident about it, but I think Oregon State crawls to bowl eligibility and gets one of the slots vacated by another conference.

Independence Bowl - Virginia Tech vs. Cal

I think Cal gets one more conference win and beats BYU in Berkeley to get to bowl eligibility and there will be a few more at-large spots left with the SEC and Big 12 not producing a lot of bowl eligible teams.