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Pac-12-focused Top 25 week six: National and Pac-12 chaos takes over

Only three Pac-12 teams remain in the Top 25 after an insane week.

Jonathan Ferrey

1. Florida State 5-0

2. Auburn 5-0

3. Baylor 5-0

4. Mississippi 5-0

5. Mississippi State 5-0

6. TCU 4-0

7. Notre Dame 5-0

8. Arizona 5-0

Mind blowing to go from unranked to number eight, but it is what is fair for the Wildcats after beating Oregon in Eugene and after about half of the Top 25 dropped games. The true test for the Wildcats will now be winning games that they are supposed to win week after week in an incredibly competitive Pac-12.

9. Alabama 4-1

10. Oklahoma 4-1

11. Georgia 4-1

12. Oklahoma State 4-1

13. Oregon 4-1

The Ducks are lucky to be here with how shaky they have looked in their past couple of games, but don't give up on them completely just yet. They are still within Playoff striking distance, but desperately need to get healthy, have teams lose around them and break out of the funk they have been for almost a calendar year now.

14. Texas A&M 5-1

15. Michigan State 4-1

16. Kansas State 4-1

17. Ohio Sate 4-1

18. Clemson 3-2

19. Florida 3-1

20. Missouri 4-1

21. East Carolina 4-1

22. Georgia Tech 5-0

23. Marshall 5-0

24. UCLA 4-1

The Bruins blew a golden opportunity, to jump into the Top 5 by holding on against Utah and now must beat Oregon next week to have any shred of a hope for the Playoff. This team just hasn't seemed to be able to play well consistently.

25. Kentucky 4-1