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Pac-12 Quarterback Power Ranking: Week Six Edition

A record-breaking, prolific, and surprisingly interception free week from the Pac-12 quarterback corps., power-ranked.

Anu Solomon of Arizona lines up a throw against Oregon
Anu Solomon of Arizona lines up a throw against Oregon
Jonathan Ferrey

This was truly a ridiculous week for quarterback play in the Pac-12. While the number of incredible stat-lines is lower, it is more than made up for by the FBS single game record falling and three quarterbacks making up the top three nationally for passing yards. Read on to see if your favorite quarterback made the cut this week!

1. Connor Halliday, Washington State

When you break the FBS single game passing record, you unquestionably had the best individual performance of the week. 49-70, 734 yards, six touchdowns, and no (!!) interceptions is a near impossible stat-line.  Somehow, the Cougs lost this game, but as with nearly every week, that can’t be blamed on Halliday not doing his part. This was a historic performance, one that we may not see again for a long, long time.

From CougCenter: "Winner: Connor Halliday This has probably already been written, but we averaged a first down every time Halliday threw a pass. I don't know what else needs to be said."

2. Jared Goff, California

Jared Goff managed to pass for 527 yards and five touchdowns on zero interceptions (!!!!) this week in a win, which against all odds fell 200 yards short of his opponent.  Nonetheless, they did win, and hold sole possession of first place in the Pac-12 North. That’s unlikely to hold for much longer, but it highlights the impressive turnaround for the Bears in year two for Sonny Dykes. If Goff keeps playing at this level, well, who knows what’s in store for Cal.

From California Golden Blogs: "Outstanding. What the hell did you think I was going to give them? ... Not a whole lot to add about Jared Goff, who is playing even better than I thought he would, and I'm a guy who knew he'd be a stud. A year ago, there were folks convinced that because he won only one FBS game, that he would be passed over eventually, and so on and so forth. If we examined his freshman -- his true freshman -- performance in proper context, though, the odds were always more heavy on him taking a big jump in year two. What a long way it's been since."

3. Anu Solomon, Arizona

Anu Solomon didn’t put together the most spectacular stat-line this week, but his calm and collected performance in the ‘Cats win over Oregon was something to behold. A 20-31 for 287-yard performance as a freshman in Autzen Stadium is astonishing. If someone had said that Cal and Arizona would lead their respective divisions heading into week seven, say, three weeks ago, you would have laughed. Here we are.

From Arizona Desert Swarm: "This is where Arizona stands: atop the Pac-12 (the Wildcats haven't been 5-0 since 1998) along with UCLA with a redshirt freshman quarterback whose poise came through in arguably the conference's most difficult place to play."

4. Mike Bercovici, Arizona State

Bercovici is a backup? Not very many backup quarterbacks in the country could lead a team to a comeback win in the Coliseum, while putting up 510 yards, five touchdowns, and no interceptions. His game-winning Hail Mary will enter the annals of Arizona State football, capping a frantic recovery from nine points down with three minutes remaining.He looked poised, calm, and cool; none of which are expected of backups starting on the road.

From House of Sparky: "Quarterbacks: A+ I usually do not give out many perfect grades but that is what Mike Bercovici was on Saturday night: perfect ... What made Bercovici's night even more impressive is that all those numbers came against the No. 9 passing defense in the nation. A backup quarterback, making his first career start on the road, threw for 510 yards and five touchdowns against a defense that had not allowed a passing touchdown in their first four games."

5. Marcus Mariota, Oregon

In quite a twist, Marcus Mariota at 5th in the conference represents quite a step down. That’s not something I ever expected to write, but when three quarterbacks in the conference are the top three nationally in passing, and another led his team to a shocking road win, it’s what happens. Oregon’s offensive line is an absolute mess, and it’s dragging Mariota down as well. 20-32 for 276, 2 touchdowns, and no interceptions is a perfectly good day. Only 9 yards rushing is mostly attributable to the offensive line’s horrendous day, but it took some serious bite out of the vaunted Duck offense. All in all, a passable if unexciting performance, something that it just feels wrong to write about Oregon.

From Addicted To Quack: "Marcus Mariota once again had the bucket of chum thrown on him in the middle of shark-infested waters as he was sacked five times, including a crucial sack on Oregon’s final drive that led to a fumble, icing the upset win for Arizona."

All in all, another unique week for the conference's quarterbacks. It's hard to imagine another performance quite like this week happening any time soon, but hey, anything can happen.