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Oregon Ducks pass Florida State Seminoles #2 in the New College Football Playoff rankings, ASU #6


Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Florida State is looking less and less impressive every week. They have two impressive wins, including a victory over Notre Dame, and the Irish got gobsmacked in Tempe last week.

FSU probably won't have many other signature victories on their schedule left--they now pretty much have to run the table to hope to get into the mix. The playoff committee does not respect the ACC at all.

Here are the college football playoff rankings, Pac-12 edition.

Oregon Ducks, 2nd

Meanwhile, Oregon has three quality victories over Michigan State, UCLA and Utah, all top 25 teams. Their one loss is against another top 25 Arizona squad, so their one blemish isn't that much of a blemish.

Arizona St. Sun Devils, 6th

Arizona State is on the cusp as well. Both Pac-12 leading squads are in a strong position. If they win out as well, they are into the playoff and enjoying the Pasadena sunshine on New Year's Day.

UCLA Bruins, 11th

UCLA is riding the ASU wave to the top. They have two losses against top 25 teams in Oregon and Utah, and they blasted Arizona State and shut down Arizona. Their strength of schedule is really helping them and keeping them in the top of the two-loss heap. They are comfortable where they are.

Arizona Wildcats, 16th

Arizona has their signature win over Oregon propping them up, and they still have a chance to make a mess of things by beating Utah and Arizona State.

Utah Utes, 23rd

Utah surprisingly didn't get dropped as much as many thought they might. But they have their big win over UCLA and nearly ranked USC. They will stay in the hunt as long as they can hold steady.

USC Trojans

They're not ranked, but they probably will be if they blast Cal on Thursday. They will certainly vault into the picture if they beat UCLA, as they already have a signature win against Arizona.

The Pac-12 is getting a lot of love from the committee for the strength of its conference and particularly its standing in the South. They are rewarding these teams for scheduling tough and winning tough games. If either Oregon or Arizona State wins out, they'll be going to Pasadena, and even a two loss team might have a decent shot. Lots of teams can't count themselves out yet.