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Pac-12 bowl projections 11/12: Arizona State in Fiesta Bowl

Oregon is closing in on the top seed in the Playoff.

George Frey

Rose Bowl - Oregon vs. Alabama

Man, it is going to be quite a feat is Oregon can get to the Playoff with how many injuries they have, but they probably have the easiest remaining regular season schedule of any major conference team in the nation and it should give them time to get healthy for the Pac-12 Championship Game. I think the Ducks, Florida State, Alabama and Baylor win out and get the four spots, slotting the Ducks in the third slot and in Pasadena.

Fiesta Bowl - Arizona State vs. Ohio State

I am so tempted to pick the Sun Devils to win the Pac-12 with how well they are playing and Oregon's injury problems, but I think the Ducks will be healthy enough in December to get one over the Sun Devils. Their consolation prize will be a fantastic bowl at home against a marquee opponent that they can beat.

Alamo Bowl - UCLA vs. Oklahoma

The Pac-12 is crystal clear at the top but hopelessly muddy after the first two spots. Right now though, UCLA is playing the best of that bunch, has a good record, endless talent and TV appeal. I think whoever wins UCLA vs. USC gets this spot and right now I think that is the Bruins.

Holiday Bowl - USC vs. Minnesota

The Trojans stock could be red hot if they finish off the season by beating UCLA and Notre Dame, but I don't think they are consistent enough to do that. If they get the split, they will be a very attractive candidate for a bowl down the 405.

San Francisco Bowl - Stanford vs. Maryland

Stanford is ice cold right now, but I expect them to turn that around in the next couple of weeks. With the better half of the South already off of the board, I think the San Francisco Bowl would be tempted to take a solid local team.

Sun Bowl - Arizona vs. Miami

The Wildcats have a tough remainder of the season and while I think they will finish fine, I think they fall behind the LA schools and Arizona State and end up in El Paso.

Las Vegas Bowl - Utah vs. Boise State

The Utes are in trouble right now with the hard part of their schedule. I think they will right the ship, but it cost them bowl slots. Still, I think getting back to a decent bowl is a great step in the right direction for Utah.

Cactus Bowl - Washington vs. Texas State

The Huskies are already bowl eligible and should get the conference's last automatic slot where they will get one a team that comes out of this season's horribly poor at-large pool.

Birmingham Bowl - Cincinnati vs. Cal

Cal gets another win to get to bowl eligibility and gets selected as an at-large team for a really random bowl. How about this one?