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Pac-12-focused Top 25 11/16: Six Pac-12 teams in Top 25

Oregon gets closer to number one and Arizona State tumbles out of Playoff contention.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

1. Florida State 10-0

2. Alabama 9-1

3. Oregon 9-1

The Ducks are bruised and battered, but the cards are falling for them this season outside of injuries and getting a bye week last week was a god send. Their Pac-12 Championship Game opponent will now have at least two losses and could very well be a UCLA team that they already controlled in the Rose Bowl. I like their path right now.

4. Mississippi State 9-1

5. Baylor 8-1

6. TCU 9-1

7. Ohio State 9-1

8. Mississippi 8-2

9. Georgia 8-2

10. Missouri 8-2

11. Kansas State 7-2

12. UCLA 8-2

After a chaotic first three quarters of the season, the Bruins now somehow are the favorite to win the South. It may not have been a pretty first two months for the Bruins, but don't forget that they are just as, if not more, talented than anyone in the Pac-12.

13. Arizona State 8-2

You had to know it was coming since no Pac-12 program outside of Oregon, Stanford and USC can maintain national relevancy for long the past 10 years - the Sun Devils  are out of the Playoff. They can still get to the Pac-12 Championship Game and have an excellent season, but they are going to need some help now.

14. Arizona 8-2

Arizona has been far from dominant, but they are 8-2 with a decent shot at heading to the Pac-12 Championship game if they can win out and get some help. It won't be easy though as they close at Utah and at home against Arizona State.

15. Michigan State 8-2

16. Wisconsin 8-2

17. Marshall 10-0

18. Auburn 7-3

19. Oklahoma 7-3

20. Georgia Tech 9-2

21. Colorado State 9-1

22. Utah 7-3

The Utes slugged out a win at Stanford when they really needed one to prove that they are the toughest team in the Pac-12. It will be a huge step forward for the Utes if they can manage to finish the season ranked.

23. USC 7-3

The Trojans are not just inconsistent game-to-game, but quarter-to-quarter, but they are an elite team when firing on all cylinders. They could easily finish as a Top 10 team if they win out.

24. Nebraska 8-2

25. Clemson 7-3