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Pac-12 bowl projections 11/18: UCLA in Fiesta Bowl

Nine Pac-12 teams make bowl games.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Rose Bowl - Oregon vs. Florida State

The Ducks should win out their weak regular season schedule and hold on against a good, but not great opponent in the Pac-12 Championship Game and get the second seed in the Playoff. I think Alabama wins out and gets the top spot due to strength of the schedule and having a better loss.

Fiesta Bowl - UCLA vs. Ohio State

I think UCLA wins two tough games at home to close out the regular season and then gives Oregon a good game in Santa Clara. I think the Fiesta Bowl would be very tempted to take a two-loss Arizona State team, but ends up going with a three-loss UCLA team, not punishing them for playing the conference championship game.

Alamo Bowl - Arizona State vs. Oklahoma

This would be a bit of a disappointment for the Sun Devils based on how they looked before losing to Oregon State, but all things considered this is a good destination for the Sun Devils. I think winning out, but not getting to the Pac-12 Championship Game means that they go to the Pac-12's best non BCSy bowl.

Holiday Bowl - USC vs. Iowa

Lose to UCLA, beat Notre Dame, not great, but not the worst things that Trojan fans could ask for. Kind of like playing in the bowl down the 405.

San Francisco Bowl - Utah vs. Penn State

Finish out by beating Arizona and Colorado and the Utes will be going to the best bowl game they have gone to in a while and fulfilling their potential probably more than any other team in the Pac-12 in 2014.

Sun Bowl - Arizona vs. Miami

It is going to be a tough end of the season for the Wildcats with a road game at Utah and then Arizona State coming to town, but the Sun Bowl is still a great destination for a team starting a freshman quarterback while having to replace Ka'Deem Carey.

Las Vegas Bowl - Washington vs. Boise State

It is crunch time for the Huskies as they finish at home against Oregon State and at Washington State and they should win both games, which would slide them up to the Vegas Bowl.

Cactus Bowl - Stanford vs. Ohio

Stanford will scratch and claw their way to a bowl by beating Cal this weekend and will get the conference's final bowl slot at 6-6.

Birmingham Bowl - Cal vs. Memphis

The Bears beat BYU and get to bowl eligibility as a very attractive candidate to fill one of the open at-large openings there will be.