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Oregon Ducks football highlights vs. Stanford: Marcus Mariota, Thomas Tyner erase Cardinal demons

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There were a few Stanford machinations in the middle of this game, but otherwise Saturday night belonged to the Oregon Ducks. Demons were exorcised thanks in large part to Marcus Mariota. Below are his running highlights.

(In between those touchdowns, you can see a crucial run by Mariota on the third scoring drive.)

Mariota threw two touchdowns. The first score of the game went to Charles Nelson.

Here are two of Mariota's touchdown runs. The first came out of a zone read.

Thomas Tyner punched it in to make it 21-6 Oregon.

After Stanford cut the lead to 24-16, Oregon put on the afterburners and scored the final three touchdowns. First it was Thomas Tyner pressing the "B" button on your controller.

The Oregon defense forced a fumble, as Erick Dargan jarred the ball loose and gave the Ducks pretty much the clinching turnover.

The second rushing touchdown for Mariota came out of an audible. Mariota saw extra Stanford defenders in the box and decided to take it to the outside himself.

Mariota's second passing touchdown to Darren Carrington put this game on ice.