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Pac-12-focused Top 25 11/2: Oregon creeps into Top 5

Five Pac-12 teams make the Top 25.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

1. Florida State 8-0

2. Mississippi State 8-0

3. Auburn 7-1

4. Alabama 7-1

5. Oregon 8-1

I am gaining confidence in the Ducks. Their defense is not as explosive as it used to be, but it might be even more efficient. They will be in the Playoff if they can win out and win the Pac-12.

6. Michigan State 7-1

7. Baylor 7-1

8. TCU 7-1

9. Kansas State 7-1

10. Notre Dame 7-1

11. Arizona State 7-1

The Sun Devils have gutted out three-straight impressive wins and now are on the cusp of the Top 10 and being a major Playoff contender if they can beat Notre Dame in Tempe Saturday. The Sun Devils are quietly one of the most balanced teams in the nation right now.

12. Ohio State 7-1

13. LSU 7-2

14. Mississippi 7-2

15. Oklahoma 6-2

16. Nebraska 8-1

17. Utah 6-2

A tough loss for the Utes in Tempe Saturday puts them behind in the race for the Pac-12 South, but they can bounce back with a national statement if they can upset Oregon in Salt Lake City Saturday.

18. Georgia 6-2

19. Clemson 6-2

20. Marshall 8-0

21. Missouri 7-2

22. Duke 7-1

23. UCLA 7-2

I was selling hard on the Bruins, but then they got a convincing win over Arizona. The Bruins could easily win the Pac-12 South if their defense plays as well as they did against the Wildcats the rest of the season.

24. Arizona 6-2

The Wildcats are not out of the race for the Pac-12 South, but they did not look great against UCLA. Their season will lie in how they play against Utah and Arizona State down the road.

25. Colorado State 8-1