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Pac-12 bowl projections 11/25: Oregon in Rose Bowl and UCLA in Fiesta Bowl

Nine Pac-12 teams make bowl games.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Rose Bowl - Oregon vs. Florida State

Just two more teams stand between the Ducks and Pasadena and I would not be surprised if they actually end up getting the top seed with Alabama potentially slipping up against Auburn or possibly someone in the SEC Championship Game, but I am not predicting that for now. Their biggest worry tight has to be a surging UCLA that looks a lot better than the one that they beat a month ago, not whether they can get the one or two seed.

Fiesta Bowl - UCLA vs. Michigan State

I think the Bruins are headed to Tempe as long as they win the South and make the Pac-12 Championship Game a good one. So, a win over Stanford Friday gets very close to clinching the Fiesta Bowl for them.

Alamo Bowl - Arizona State vs. Oklahoma

I am very shaky on predicting Arizona State to win at Arizona given the way they have played the past two weeks, but I also am not sure Anu Solomon will play for the Wildcats so that swings me to the Sun Devils and them going to San Antonio.

Holiday Bowl - USC vs. Iowa

Beat Notre Dame and I think USC's proximity and national appeal pushes them over Arizona for this bowl if they lose to Arizona State.

Foster Farms Bowl - Arizona vs. Minnesota

Arizona will be disappointed if they lose to Arizona State, but this would still be an excellent bowl for a team starting a freshman quarterback and running back.

Sun Bowl - Utah vs. Duke

Getting battered by Arizona at home had to come as a shock, but the Utes can still wrap up a good regular season and get to a decent bowl as long as they can avoid an upset at Colorado.

Las Vegas Bowl - Washington vs. Boise State

I think Washington gets the nod here with a better record than Stanford and the fact that this would set up a very interesting game, but I think Washington would hate it because of the added pressure and the fact that they open up 2015 at Boise State so maybe they would try to get out of it if possible.

Cactus Bowl - Stanford vs. Tennessee

The Cardinal won't win in Pasadena, but will get the conference's final bowl slot over Cal since they won head-to-head.

Independence Bowl - Cal vs. Arkansas

I think Cal gets to bowl eligibility by beating BYU and gets an at-large bid against a red-hot SEC opponent.