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Oregon routs OSU for 7th straight Civil War victory, 47-19

Marcus Mariota led Oregon to a 30-0 lead halfway through the second quarter and the Ducks never looked back, securing a PAC 12 best 11-1 regular season record heading to Levi's Stadium for the PAC 12 Title.

For the seventh straight time, the Beavers were unsuccessful in their role as spoiler against Oregon as the Ducks reasserted their dominance as kings of college football in the state of Oregon.

Marcus Mariota was spectacular. His six total TDs without a doubt paid for his ticket to New York for the presentation of college football's most coveted award, and may have established him as the favorite. Mariota scored on a 29 yard play action pass to Charles Nelson less than three minutes into the game. He threw for 3 more scores and added a pair on the ground. He finished 19-25 with 367 yards, being able to do whatever he wanted-and if he was lacking a Heisman moment this year, his hurdle over a standing OSU defender should help.

The Oregon State season ended unspectacularly at 5-7, while a win Saturday would have meant bowl-eligibility. The Beavers' first 5 drives ended in 3 punts and two failed 4th down conversions. The offense didn't really click until the second half, when the game was already well in hand. Somber Beavers coach Mike Riley said there was just one word to describe the season: Disappointing.

"Right now we're not a good enough offensive team to win a lot of games in our league," he said.

Tough ending for a team who started out 4-1. As for Oregon, they are getting awfully close to a playoff bid. There is probably not a better opportunity for the Ducks to prove themselves than a rematch with the only team to defeat them all year long. Arizona is one big hurdle for Mariota still and the Wildcats definetly have a high-flying offense of their own that could very easily put an end to Oregon's run at the national championship.