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Pac-12 Picks, Week 11: OSU's mysterious hot cowgirl

Plus, ASU is a top 10 team (kinda), Mike Leach doesn't know basic anatomy, and more slightly informative Pac-12 football news.

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Game Picks

Last week: 2-4-0
Season: 36-28-2
Home team in CAPS.

Saturday, November 8th, 12:30 PM PST
#9 ARIZONA STATE (-2.5) over #10 Notre Dame

  • In case you missed it, and you might have if you watch ESPN, the College Football Playoff selection committee ranked the Sun Devils as the 9th best team in the country. Not very "notable" though:

1:00 PM PST
OREGON STATE (-8) over Washington State

  • I've never seen this until now, but the Oregon State intro video is weird and awesome at the same time. There's shots of beavers falling trees and other animals that have nothing to do with Oregon State, interspersed with old people and a hot cowgirl:

    Who is this mysterious cowgirl? All I know is that fate will bring us together...

  • Cougars head coach Mike Leach denied reports that quarterback Connor Halliday broke his leg, saying that he actually broke his ankle. Then a reporter pointed out that Halliday broke his tibia and fibula, to which Leach responded that the "tibula and fibula" were in the ankle. That's not true and a "tibula" is not a real bone. Washington State must the be the most fun team to cover if only for the Mike Leach pressers.

4:00 PM PST
WASHINGTON (+6) over #18 University of California, Los Angeles

5:00 PM PST
Colorado (+17) over #19 ARIZONA

  • 17 points seems like an awful lot... (because I pick the Buffs, U of A will probably win by 41).
  • Why is Wilma T. Wildcat, instead of Wilbur, representing Arizona in the Capital One Mascot Challenge? Is she the main mascot for the Wildcats now or did Capital One just need a token female? Why didn't they use any other female mascots? Obviously, I have a lot of questions about this subject.

7:00 PM PST
#17 UTAH (+8) over #4 Oregon

  • Ranked 17th in the CFP Top 25 Poll going into their game with the Sun Devils, the Utes lost a heartbreaker in overtime and of course, they plummeted to ...17th? The CFP Poll makes sense! (for the most part)
  • In odd news, the Ducks are now the Vegas favorite to win the inaugural College Football Playoff.  You would think that Oregon making the top 4 isn't a completely sure thing (even if they win out), so I wouldn't take this bet:

Pac-12 Weekly Power Rankings

10. Arizona Wildcats

9. USC Trojans

8. Bill Simmons Twitter rants

7. Mitch McConnell

6. Utah Utes

5. Legality of recreational cannabis use

4. UCLA Bruins

3. Oregon Ducks

2. Chelsea F.C.

1. Arizona State Sun Devils

Song of the Week