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Pac-12-focused Top 25 11/9: Arizona State and Oregon in Top 10

Oregon and Arizona State are both major contenders for the College Football Playoff.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

1. Florida State 9-0

2. Mississippi State 9-0

3. Alabama 8-1

4. Oregon 9-1

The Ducks have rolled since that loss against Arizona and have about as easy of a schedule the rest of the regular season as a major conference team could get. Right now, it appears that whoever wins the Pac-12 South is likely the only thing that can keep them out of the Playoff.

5. Baylor 8-1

6. Arizona State 8-1

Pac-12 fans knew that the Sun Devils were good, but they got the nation's attention Saturday by taking care of Notre Dame. Their task is to now try and avoid an upset in Pac-12 play and pit themselves against Oregon for a Playoff play-in.

7. TCU 8-1

8. Ohio State 8-1

9. Auburn 7-2

10. Mississippi 8-2

11. Nebraska 8-1

12. Georgia 7-2

13. Clemson 7-2

14. Notre Dame 7-2

15. Kansas State 7-2

16. Missouri 7-2

17. Duke 8-1

18. UCLA 8-2

Don't look now, but the Bruins are starting to play some good football, getting convincing wins in back-to-back weeks against Arizona and Washington. They are two tough home wins and an Arizona State slip up away from playing in the Pac-12 Championship Game.

19. Arizona 7-2

Getting a convincing win over Colorado is a bigger deal than it seems on paper. The Wildcats still actually control a good portion of their own destiny within the Pac-12.

20. LSU  7-3

21. Michigan State 7-2

22. Wisconsin 7-2

23. Marshall 9-0

24. Texas A&M 5-3

25. Florida 5-3