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Ranking the Pac-12 Classes of 2015: #4 UCLA

Now that the signing day dust has settled, it's high time to rank every team's Class of 2015. Robert O'Neill will be doing just that over the next month. We head into the Final Four with UCLA

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A season after making an appearance in the sweet sixteen, UCLA head coach Steve Alford is using that, and also the name recognition of UCLA, to put together a very strong Class of 2015. 247Sports has them ranked fourth in the conference, just as I do. 247Sports also has them at 20th in the country. Again, that speaks to how great the Pac-12 classes will be next season, without a doubt. There are only two players in the class, but those two players will surely make a huge impact for the Bruins next season. Let's take a look

Aaron Holiday

If you're anything like me, you saw this player's name and immediately wondered if he was related to former Bruin and current New Orleans Pelican, JRue Holiday. He is. Aaron Holiday, a four star point guard from Valley Village, California, is the 44th best player in 247Sports' Top247 for 2015, and is JRue's brother. He's also the 4th best player in California. When Steve Alford was initially hired, one of the big question marks was whether he would be able to recruit the Los Angeles Area or not. So far, he's proven to be able to. In addition to Holiday, Alford's 2014 class features Los Angeles native Thomas Welsh, and the 2016 class has Lonzo Ball (Chino), and Kobe Paras (Los Angeles).

Back to Holiday, though. He chose UCLA over USC, and they were the only two schools to offer him. It was clear the entire time he was going to be staying local. He committed to UCLA on an unofficial visit all the way back in March, so his mind seemed to be made up very early on. Below is his highlight video from earlier this summer. It might be a lazy comparison, but he reminds me a lot of his brother.

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Prince Ali

I wrote about Ali at length back when he originally committed to the Bruins. You can find that right here.