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POLL: Who wins the Pac-12 Championship Game?

Friday night features the rematch of the year as the Oregon Ducks battle the Arizona Wildcats for the Pac-12 Championship. Vote for who YOU think will win!

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Friday night means war.  Or, at least it means, the Pac-12 Championship and a potential shot to be apart of the first ever College Football Playoff.  It's the Oregon Ducks.  It's the Arizona Wildcats.  It's Levi's Stadium and it's super cool interactive features.  It' time.

"Standing in one corner, weighing in at a record of 10-2, with a 7-2 record inside the Pac-12 Conference, hailing from Tuuuuuuuucsonnnnnn, Arizonaaaaaaa, led by coach Rich Rodriguez, you best be ready to #BEARDOWN, your Arizonaaa Willllldcatssssss!"

"And now for our regular season Pac-12 Heavyweight Champions of the Worlllllldddddd, coming in at a record of 11-1, with a 8-1 record inside the Pac-12 Conference, hailing from Euuuuugeneeeee, Oregonnnnnnn, led by coach Mark Helfrich, they're all about Jesus, girls and Marcus Mariota, your Oregonnnnnnn Duckssssssss!"

Hype Man #1: "Boy, I'll tell ya, I cannot wait for this one.  It's the Ducks; it's the ‘Cats, or en espanol, it's #PatosVsGatos.  How can you not love that!?

Hype Man #2: "I love Patos.  I love Gatos.  I love Jesus.  I love girls.  And I really love Marcus Mariota!  But you know what else I love!?  Royce FreemanByron Marshall.  The fact that the Ducks have steamrolled teams in every single game since their stunning loss to U of A, having won every game by 24 points, except for one.  The two touchdown favorite that Vegas has them as may not be enough!"

Hype Man #1: "Well, do you know what I love?  Scooby snacks!  Since we're bound to hear countless mentions of Scooby snacks and the discussion of two Polynesian quarterbacks, let me tell you why the Wildcats are not only a great bet with the points, but also why they'll win outright-again!  It's Nick Wilson, baby.  The Ducks can't stop him; they can only hope to contain him."

Hype Man #2: "We kick off liiiiiiveeeee on FOX at 9 p.m. EST on Friday night.  Getcha popcorn ready!"

* * *

So, help us decide.  Who's going to win this highly anticipated matchup?  The Arizona Wildcats, or the Oregon Ducks?  Cast your vote below!