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ASU In Review: The Sun Bowl 2K14

The Devils come out hot in the first half, making things look like a blowout, but the Devils scratched and clawed their way back into things, which was all for not when the Devils came up with a late interception to seal their victory. Any questions?

The SUN Devils celebrating their Sun Bowl victory
The SUN Devils celebrating their Sun Bowl victory
Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sports

A casual Arizona State fan watches the game with friends. A real Arizona State fan watches the game with a bottle of Bayer aspirin, hoping to prevent the fatal heart attack this team tries to give him week in and out. Alas, the Sun Devils played with fire again this week and came out unscathed, due to some late game heroics by 2 KB's; Kalen Ballage and Kweishi Brown. In honor of the Devils uniting for the first time, I present ASU In Review: Bridal Rhyme Edition.

Something Old: The players everyone (and their moms) predicted would have an impact Saturday did that and more. Jaelen Strong and Jamison Crowder had an eeriely similar stat line; 7 grabs each and one less yard for Crowder (103 for #TooStrong). Taylor Kelly looked solid for the first time since his foot injury in Boulder with 264 all-purpose yards and a pair of passing TD's. The last (but not least) member of the ASU offensive three headed monster, DJ Foster led the team with 79 yards rushing and added 42 receiving yards as an added bonus. Jaelen, Jamison, and Taylor all shined in their final games in their school colors, as most predicted. DJ you did alright as well, but don't get any ideas.

Something New: FRESHMAN. First, it was Demario Richards carrying the ASU offense into the end-zone four separate times, on his way to winning the C.M. Hendricks MVP Trophy. Not to be out done, Kalen Ballage took the kickoff following a Duke go-ahead touchdown 96 yards setting up a touchdown by (U Guessed It) Super Demario. Kalen left El Paso with his own piece of hardware, the John Folmer Most Valuable Special Teams Player Trophy. I think its fair to say the future is bright at running back... DJ I'm watching you. Don't do it.

Something Borrowed: Plagiarism is cool as long as it fits the theme right? (s/o Josh, read his more coherent ASU blogs)

Something Blue: The fact we won't get a full season of DJ Foster, Mike Bercovici and Jaelen Strong coexisting on the other side of this improving defense. Think about it; we replaced seven defensive starters, spend the second half of the season with a muddied QB situation and, at one point, we were still only two spots away from the inaugural College Football Playoff. Imagine them a year from now and what could have been. RIP hypothetical 2015 (adidas) Sun Devils.

And A Silver Six-Points In Her Shoe: See what I did there.

  1. Duke RB Shaquille Powell made me pay for leaving him out of my 10 Point Preview, racking up 169 all-purpose yards and a TD. Sorry dude, lemurs took precedence.
  2. Watch this punt return and if you think Jamison Crowder isn't as good as #TooStrong, I'll see you in Temecula.
  3. As intriguing as Braxton Miller to Duke is, if I am denied a full season of Thomas "Baby Tebow" Sirk, heads are going to roll.
  4. Props to Nike for handling this divorce right and not dressing us in potato sacks. Sorry Mr. Knight, it's not you, it's us... cause we're gold-diggers.
  5. Can someone explain why the only way to UTEP's x-ray machine is directly through the stands? What if someone breaks their leg? Do they make them limp up those stadium stairs like a sadistic Jigsaw game?
  6. This weekend, Boise State travels down to the Valley to play some other team in the Fiesta Bowl. Remember to wear your Bronco Blue, but never forget LeGarette Blount.