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Pac-12 bowl projections 12/4: Oregon in Rose Bowl and Arizona in Fiesta Bowl

Official bowl announcements will soon be made, but until then...

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Rose Bowl - Oregon vs. Florida State

The Ducks should finally figure out Arizona, just don't see anyone beating them three times in-a-row and get the second seed in the Playoff behind Alabama who wins the SEC Championship Game.

Fiesta Bowl - Arizona vs. Boise State

I don't think Arizona will get punished too much by losing to Oregon, especially considering that they will end up being 1-1 against them and I think the Fiesta Bowl would love to have a nearby team.

Alamo Bowl - UCLA vs. Oklahoma

UCLA might not be happy about this destination, but it is still a very good bowl against a marquee opponent that the nation will be watching.

Holiday Bowl - USC vs. Nebraska

I'm not sure about the rules, but I think the Holiday Bowl can choose anyone and I would think they would take the conference's most-prestigious and most local team fresh off of a big win over a cold Arizona State team that has one less loss.

Foster Farm's Bowl - Arizona State vs. Minnesota

This will be a disappointment for Arizona State, but still a good bowl game destination for a team that had to rebuild its entire defense in 2014.

Sun Bowl - Utah vs. Duke

This is a great destination for Utah considering that very few people had them going to a bowl going into the season.

Las Vegas Bowl - Stanford vs. Colorado State

Stanford salvaged a tiny bit of their season by dominating Cal and UCLA and can put a period on it by continuing to roll in Vegas.

Cactus Bowl - Washington vs. Texas State

It is a testament to the strength of the middle of the Pac-12 this year that a pretty good Washington team is going to the final Pac-12 bowl slot.