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Ranking the Pac-12 Classes of 2015: #6 USC

Now that the signing day dust has settled, it's high time to rank every team's Class of 2015. Robert O'Neill will be doing just that over the next month. We move on to our sixth-ranked team, USC.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In the post-Tim Floyd Era, USC hasn't been a very good program. That's not Andy Enfield's fault, necessarily, Floyd left them with a lot of violations and sanctions, and O'Neill wasn't all that great of a coach. 2015, however, has the potential to be the best class since Floyd reeled in OJ Mayo all those years ago. It, again, speaks volumes to the caliber of the Pac-12 when USC can have the 22nd best class in the country, and yet be sixth in these conference rankings. In fairness, 247Sports has USC's Class ranked fifth, but next week when I reveal my #5 team you'll see why I didn't put them there.

Getting down to brass tacks here, USC's class features two players at the moment: four-star power forward Chimezie Metu, and four-star small forward Bennie Boatwright. Both hail from the Los Angeles Area, as Metu is from Lawndale, and Boatwright is from Mission Hills. Let's take a more in-depth look at both of them.

Chimezie Metu

Metu, a four-star power forward from Lawndale, California, is the 11th best power forward in 247Sports' 2015 rankings. He is also the fourth best player in the state of California. Metu, born in Nigeria, brings a well-rounded style of play to the Trojans. He likes to play down low, but has gotten more comfortable around the perimeter of late. Defensively, his great length should assist him in grabbing rebounds in a Pac-12 that will be loaded with big men next season. There are two videos below. In the first, Metu discusses why he picked the Trojans, and in the second he shows off what he can do on the court.

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Bennie Boatwright

Boatwright, a four-star small forward from Mission Hills, California, is the ninth best small forward in the Class of 2015, and also the eighth best player in the state of California, both per 247Sports. I took an in-depth look at Boatwright when he committed to USC back in August which can be found here.