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Pac-12 Picks, Week 15: Would UCLA turn down a bowl game?

Plus, Jared Goff is really good, RichRod named COY on a special day, and more slightly informative Pac-12 football news.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Game Picks

Last week: 3-4-0
Season: 47-39-2
Home team in CAPS.

Friday, December 5th, 6:00 PM
#2 OREGON (-14.5) over #7 Arizona

Ducks: Just please win and then win the Pac-12 a national championship. Pleeeeaaaseee.

Wildcats: RichRod to Michigan then?

#17 Arizona State - IDLE

Probably the first time Todd Graham has ever been accused of something like this:

California - SEASON OVER :(

Do you want to know how good Jared Goff was this year? The Bears gave up the most passing yards EVER, and yet they won 5 games.

Colorado - SEASON OVER :(

Not the best of seasons, but at least Colorado State's coach is gone. That's sorta good news, right?

Oregon State - SEASON OVER :(

Yesterday, Nebraska announced the hiring of current Beavers head coach Mike Riley. Uh, what?

#25 Southern California - IDLE

This recruit looks like he's wearing a futuristic but old timey helmet. So, I guess a steampunk football helmet:

Stanford - IDLE

Except against USC for the past two years, but sure:

#15 University of California, Los Angeles - IDLE

In a supremely stupid article, Bill Dwyre of the LA Times asks if UCLA should turn down their bowl invitation. He writes:

Another issue that has become foolish doctrine and overdone coach-speak is that any team that gets a chance to go to a bowl should do so because it is then allowed a couple more weeks of practice. Good Gertrude. Isn't enough enough?

Yes, "Good Gertrude" is his only argument against having more practice. UCLA should jump at the chance to not try and make their team better!

#23 Utah - IDLE

Utes recruit Chase Hansen returned from his LDS mission earlier this week, and he was greeted by Kyle Wittingham and then given a tour of Utah's facilities. "Mom? Dad? Where are you guys?"

Washington - IDLE

With reports that ASU will be joining UCLA as the only Pac-12 schools with non-Nike contracts, why doesn't Washington switch to Adidas? Or Under Armour? Or Slazenger? I would think Washington wants nothing to do with their nemesis and its endless supply of Nike apparel.

Washington State - SEASON OVER :(

Ryan Leaf was released from prison after 2 seasons years.