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Pac-12-focused Top 25: Oregon takes over top spot in rankings

Six Pac-12 teams finish the regular season in the Top 25.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

1. Oregon 12-1

No other team has simply looked as good and as complete as the Ducks in the past two months. Their offense has not been stopped since they got their offensive line relatively healthy and their defense has also really come around. They are going to be a very tough team to stop in the Playoff.

2. Alabama 12-1

3. Florida State 13-0

4. Baylor 11-1

5. Ohio State 12-1

6. TCU 11-1

7. Mississippi State 10-2

8. Michigan State 10-2

9. Mississippi 9-3

10. Georgia Tech 10-3

11. Georgia 9-3

12. UCLA 9-3

They may have gotten embarrassed by Stanford in their final game, but I think after the Pac-12 Championship Game, UCLA was the best team in the South, even if they are horribly flawed. They can get back into the Top 10 by beating Kansas State in the Alamo Bowl.

13. Arizona 10-3

Arizona finished strong by blowing out Utah on the road and hanging on against Arizona State at home, but they had a lot of luck along the way during the season and easily could have been 4-5 in conference - they needed miracle plays to beat Cal and Washington and got Oregon at a perfect time. They still deserve respect for their record and great play at times, but they were one of the luckier teams in the nation in 2014.

14. Arizona State 9-3

A team that came back down to Earth in the final stretch of the season, but still a pretty good one. They can bounce back and wrap up a good season with a bowl win.

15. Missouri 10-3

16. Kansas State 9-3

17. Wisconsin 10-3

18. Clemson 9-3

19. Louisville 9-3

20. Auburn 8-4

21. LSU 8-4

22. Utah 8-4

This is the best season Utah has had in quite a while. Finishing ranked would be a huge milestone for the program since entering the Pac-12 and they should be able to pull it off by beating Colorado State in the Las Vegas Bowl.

23. USC 8-4

I really don't know what to think of this team, but I do know that they should be able to roll Nebraska down the 405 in the Holiday Bowl and finished the season ranked.

24. Nebraska 9-3

25. Oklahoma 8-4