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2014 NCAA Tournament: Pac-12 Tourney Watch 2/18 - Six Pac-12 teams in

Arizona, UCLA, Arizona State, Cal, Colorado and Stanford all in the NCAA Tournament

Ralph Freso


Arizona 23-2 (10-2)

Good wins: Duke, at Michigan, at San Diego State, at UCLA, Arizona State, Colorado, at Stanford, Southern

Seed: 1

Three toughest remaining games: at Colorado, Cal, at Oregon

The Wildcats have been slipping since they lost Brandon Ashley, but they still have a firm grip on the number one seed out West with the impressive non-conference wins they have and RPI. Unless they really stumble down the stretch, the Wildcats should be able to hang onto a number one seed.

In, unless disaster strikes

UCLA 20-5 (9-3)

Good wins: at Colorado, Arizona State, Cal, at Colorado, Colorado, Stanford

Seed: 4-6

Three toughest remaining games: at Cal, at Stanford, Oregon

The Bruins are one of the hottest teams in the nation and are now just one game back from Arizona lurking much like they did last year. The Bruins have the potential to make a late run and win the Pac-12 and get into the 2-3 seed range.

On the bubble

Arizona State 19-6 (8-4)

Good wins: Arizona, at Cal, Colorado, UC Irvine

Bad losses: Miami

Seed: 7-9

Three toughest remaining games: at Colorado, Cal, Stanford

The Sun Devils made a major statement last weekend by beating Arizona and now are comfortably on the right side of bubble for the moment and could establish themselves as the clear cut third-best Pac-12 team. However, they still have a small margin for error to not slip back to the edge.

Cal 17-8 (8-4)

Good wins: Arizona, Stanford, UC Irvine

Bad losses: at USC, at UCSB

Seed: 8-9

Three toughest remaining games: at Arizona, UCLA, at Arizona State

The Bears bounced back from a tough stretch by sweeping the Washington schools on the road, but face a tough gauntlet down the stretch where they are going to have to beat good teams to make it into the tournament.

Colorado 19-7 (8-5)

Good wins: Kansas, Harvard

Seed: 10-12

Three toughest remaining games: Arizona, at Cal, at Stanford

Colorado is staying the course and winning the easy games, but not doing anything unexpected, with their win over Kansas and overall record carrying them. I think they are in right now, but I'm worried about them as they have yet to beat a Pac-12 team that I think is in the tournament right now and the committee might mark them down for not having Spencer Dinwiddie.

Stanford 16-8 (7-5)

Good wins: at UConn, at Cal, Arizona State

Seed: 11-12/play-in

Three toughest remaining games: at Arizona, UCLA, at Arizona State

The Cardinal are really teetering on the edge, and a loss at Washington last week hurt, but I think they have good enough wins to make it in right now, but barely. I think the committee would like to put one of the Pac-12 teams in the play-in games and right now I think that slot would be for the Cardinal.

Oregon 16-8 (4-8)

Good wins: Utah Valley, UC Irvine

Seed: NIT

Three toughest remaining games: Arizona, at UCLA, Arizona State

The Ducks have a major mountain to climb, needing to finish the Pac-12 very well to get back into the NCAA Tournament, but they are ultra-talented and well-coached so it is possible. They have a tough schedule the rest of the way though.

Still alive

Utah 17-8 (6-7)

Good wins: UCLA

Bad losses: at Washington State

Seed: One of those tournaments that start with C or maybe NIT

Three toughest remaining games: Arizona, at Cal, at Stanford

The Utes will have to have a seriously impressive run to truly get onto the bubble, but they have a great overall record and can have the potential to make a solid run in the Pac-12 Tournament.