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Pac-12 NCAA Tournament Watch 2/24: Stanford moves up the bubble

Six Pac-12 teams still comfortably in the NCAA Tournament as of today.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports


Arizona 25-2 (12-2)

Good wins: Duke, at Michigan, at San Diego State, at UCLA, at Stanford, at Colorado, Colorado, Arizona State, New Mexico State

Seed: 1

Toughest remaining game: Stanford 3/2

Two losses for Syracuse last week means that the fight for the top overall seed in the tournament is still very much in play and the Wildcats will be right in the hunt for it with Florida, Syracuse and Wichita State. If they win out and win in the Pac-12 Tournament, I think they will get it.

UCLA 21-6 (10-4)

Good wins: at Cal, Stanford, at Colorado, Colorado, Arizona State, UCSB, Weber State

Seed: 5-7

Toughest remaining game: at Washington 3/6

The Bruins are in, now it is just a matter of where they will be seeded and they have a very wide range. The good news is that they have the easiest remaining schedule of any of these teams, hosting the Oregon schools and then playing at the Washington schools and they could head into the Pac-12 tournament with a lot of momentum.

On the bubble

Stanford 18-8 (9-5)

Good wins: at UConn, UCLA, at Cal, Arizona State

Seed: 8-10

Toughest remaining game: at Arizona 3/2

The Cardinal momentarily have the most momentum of the on the bubble Pac-12 teams after holding court against the LA schools. However, that momentum could be fleeting as they finish with the Rocky Mountain schools at home and at the Arizona schools.

Cal 18-9 (9-5)

Good wins: Arizona, at Stanford Bad losses: at USC

Seed: 9-10

Toughest remaining game: at Arizona 2/26

The Bears don't have many good wins, but that big one over Arizona goes a long way and they have a good overall record. The Bears have a tough schedule down the stretch and will need to win a couple more regular season games to be comfortable going into the Pac-12 Tournament.

Colorado 20-8 (9-6)

Good wins: Kansas, Arizona State, Harvard, UCSB

Seed: 9-10

Toughest remaining game: at Stanford 3/5

The Buffaloes have a lot of wins, but only just got their first win in-conference over a team I see getting into the tournament over Arizona State last weekend, so they haven't done much lately. They finish the regular season with a game at Utah and a trip to the Bay Area schools and they need to win at least one to avoid getting onto the wrong side of the bubble and putting a ton of pressure on themselves going into the Pac-12 Tournament.

Arizona State 19-8 (8-6)

Good wins: Arizona, at Cal, Colorado

Seed: 9-10

Toughest remaining game: Stanford 2/26

Just a week ago, the Sun Devils were the hottest of the Pac-12 on the bubble pack, but getting swept at the Rocky Mountain schools quickly has them drifting towards the wrong side of the bubble. They will need to bounce back this week as they host the Bay Area schools.

Oregon 18-8 (6-8)

Good wins: BYU

Seed: NIT

Toughest remaining game: Arizona 3/8

The Ducks did what they needed to do, holding court against the Washington schools last weekend and can now get to 10 in-conference wins if they run the table or at least get to .500 if they can go 3-1. If they can do that, and get at least one win in the Pac-12 Tournament, I think they are in. The bad news is that they have to go at UCLA next week and then host the Arizona schools to close.

Hanging by a thread

Utah 18-9 (7-8)

Good wins: UCLA, Arizona State, BYU Bad losses: at Washington State

Seed: NIT-One of those tournaments that start with C

Toughest remaining game: at Stanford 3/8

It's a long shot, but the Utes ain't dead yet and their blowout of Arizona State Sunday was a big one. They close the regular season with three games against on the bubble teams and if they can run the table or maybe even go 2-1, they might be able to get on the bubble, or at least into the NIT.