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Pacific Takes is looking for new writers

Do you want to write about the conference?

Stephen Dunn

Pacific Takes has had its ups and downs the last few seasons, but now we're ready to turn this place into a fully-oiled machine. We want to build our team this summer so that we're all set to go for the 2014-15 season.

(Note: Jack and I are not going anywhere. We just want more voices in the huddle.)

What we can offer: A platform with which to promote independent work and mentorship/recommendations for future employment. Previous writers at Pacific Takes have landed full-time jobs at SB Nation, graduate school at NYU, jobs at their student newspaper, and have even done occasional writing work for Almost all our writers also have additional writing roles for other SB Nation sites, particularly in the Pac-12.

Here are the current positions we are looking to fill.

Individual team writers. Do any of you want to be the feature team writer and talk about your Wildcats, Trojans, Ducks, Bears, Bruins, Cougars, Huskies, Buffs, Sun Devils, Ute, etc? Pacific Takes wants a perspective from the inside of each school and would love fans who are passionate about their school and enjoy writing about them to be brought into the fold.

Pac-12 gamefilm (football and/or basketball) writer. Who wants to break down the tape? Who enjoys taking screenshots and GIFs and telling the story of what happened on this play or this play? Who wants to be the next Chris Brown or Zach Lowe? Let us know if you're interested in taking that step.

Pac-12 recruiting writers. Who is interested in tackling the beast that is Pac-12 recruiting? Who wants to look at tape of top prospects and see where they stand? Who wants to interview recruits and see what they're up to?

Pac-12 basketball writer. Someone who is dedicated to covering Pac-12 hoops full-time and pen one or two articles a week during the offseason (and as many as they want during the regular season/postseason). Our previous Pac-12 hoops writer was so successful, he went off and created a site of his own!

Email us at with your resumes, writing samples, or any questions you have about these openings.