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Pac-12 All-NBA Team 2014: The Top 12 NBA players from the Pac-12

James Harden and Kevin Love headline the team.

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Spor

Each year we put together our Pac-12 All-NBA team past on the NBA season that is currently in the heat of the playoffs.

C Brook Lopez Brooklyn (Stanford)

Lopez seems to always be injured at this point in his career, but he is still far and away the best center from the Pac-12 when healthy. When active, Lopez is one of the best legitimate centers in the NBA.

PF Kevin Love Minnesota (UCLA)

A guy who we finally got to see a little bit more of when he was finally healthy, Love might be one of the top five players in the NBA at any position even if he might never lead a team to the playoffs. Love teamed with Lopez up front would result in some serious rebounding prowess.

SF DeMar DeRozan Toronto (USC)

DeRozan has been a good player in the league for a while now, but took the next step towards becoming a great player in 2014. He is close to being the perfect NBA swingman, especially on a team that surround him with scoring and rebounding support like this one.

SG James Harden Houston (Arizona State)

Another guy who took a major step forward in 2014, Harden is now an All-NBA-level player and received a lot of MVP votes. Harden would be the leading scorer on the team and the team's go-to scorer at crunch time.

PG Russell Westbrook Oklahoma City (UCLA)

Westbrook hasn't been having his best season, but is still easily the best point guard from the Pac-12. It would be interesting to see how he would mesh with Harden again, after Harden got the ability to be the top dog in the backcourt at Houston.


SG Klay Thompson Golden State (Washington State)

The perfect scorer/shooter off of the bench, any NBA team would drool at the chance to have a player like Thompson as a reserve.

PF Ryan Anderson New Orleans (Cal)

Anderson is probably a better stat line than overall player, but he can score and he would be ideal as a bench player if a team ever had the ability to not have to start him.

PG Jrue Holiday New Orleans (UCLA)

Holiday has kind of disappeared a bit after being banished to the black hole that is the New Orleans Hornets, but he is still one of the better scoring point guards in the league.

C Nikoa Vucevic Orlando (USC)

Another great stat line guy on a horrible team, Vucevic is without a doubt the best Pac-12 alum center after Lopez, so he would easily make the team.

SG Arron Afflalo Orlando (UCLA)

A fantastic defender to have coming off of the bench, Afflalo is the kind of player that every team wants that can get after it on the defensive end.

SF Trevor Ariza Washington (UCLA)

Ariza had a bounce back season with the Wizards and is showing just how good he can be in the 2014 playoffs.

PG Isaiah Thomas Sacramento (Washington)

Thomas averaged 20 points per game in 2014, but unfortunately he plays for a franchise that it is so horrible that most people didn't even notice.


These guys were very hard to cut, so they would definitely have to be on the roster.

PF Taj Gibson Chicago (USC)

Gibson has long been an integral part of the Bulls and one of those underrated players that can make a good team great.

SF Nick Young LALakers (USC)

Young can flat out score. Can he play defense? Probably not, but he can put the ball in the basket.

C Spencer Hawes Cleveland (Washington)

Hawes is a solid starting center that would be a good idea to keep around as the Pac-12 alumni lack size.