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Pac-12 football schedule: Circle UCLA vs. Texas as your Week 3 must-watch

There isn’t a bad game on the schedule for Week 2. If we could only say the same for Week 3.

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Oh there are games that might be competitive, but only one really sticks out as one I wouldn’t consider missing. The rest have high blowout potential.

First quarter should be enough

Wyoming at Oregon. This game starts at 11 am. The next Pac-12 game starts at 1 p.m. You should have time to treat yourself to lunch by the time the Ducks have scored their fourth or fifth TD.

Army at Stanford. If these two teams look in the mirror across from each other, they may realize that there is a great deal of respect to be shown between both sides. That’s about all though.

Illinois at Washington. Washington handed their stuffing to Illinois in Soldier Field, and the Illini only beat woeful Purdue last year in terms of big conference opponents. Do not expect a competitive matchup.

Portland State at Washington State. Portland State was better than their 6-6 record showed. They nearly beat Cal, and came very close to knocking off two ranked FCS opponents in Cal Poly and Eastern Washington. But 2013 Cal is not 2014 WSU.

Nevada at Arizona. I swear mid-majors go to Arizona, get randomly checked by security police, and then get the beejezus whipped out of them. I do not imagine this game will be good.

Small chance of being good?

Arizona State at Colorado
. I mean, it’s year two of the Mike MacIntyre era. Maybe this is the moment the Buffs decide to turn the corner and shock the Pac-12 and oh wait it’s 28-7 at halftime how did that happen.

USC at Boston College. It’s been a long time since the Trojans have lost a non-conference road game to a non-Notre Dame side, so I’m skeptical the Eagles are the ones to make good on promises. But hey, the Trojans will be banged up from their game with the Cardinal. Maybe there’s a chance?


UCLA vs. Texas:
UCLA is the better team and should prevail, but this is foreign territory in Dallas and the pressure will be high for the Bruins to deliver. Charlie Strong didn’t come here to turn around Texas overnight, and the Longhorns proved to be no match for Pac-12 elite when Oregon stomped their doors down in San Antonio. The Bruins have big goals ahead and know they can’t get sidetracked early in their march for glory.