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UCLA waits for damage assessment on Pauley Pavillion

A water-main break surged through UCLA's athletic facilities on Tuesday. While clean-up response was quick, a final assessment to the damage on Pauley Pavilion is still pending.

Victor Decolongon

A catastrophic surge of water shot through UCLA's athletic facilities leaving an uncertain amount of damage to Pauley Pavilion where the Bruin's men's and women's basketball teams play their home games. The main-break took place on Sunset Boulevard Tuesday afternoon and shot out nearly 20 million gallons of water at a rate of 35,000 gallons per minute.

The massive waste of water is of concern in a region where water use is already being limited by ongoing drought. Cleanup is ongoing in the UCLA athletic facilities and on the boulevard, which is slated to be reopened on Friday.  Liability for the flooding appears to lie with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

A statement from UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero released by UCLA gives a detailed list of where water reached and how it was removed from the various facilities. He ended the letter with the below quote from Coach John Wooden:

Guerrero also made an appearance on the Pac-12 Network with Ashley Adamson. In the video below you can listen to him explain how quick response helped minimize the damage that occurred. The biggest question is the condition of the playing surface at Pauley Pavillion. The video also shows the different stages of removal from the playing floor. Once completely flooded in standing water, the surface is now mostly dry, but it can not be determined whether or not there is damage to the surface from the pictures. Guerrero goes on to state that basketball activities should go off as scheduled for the coming season.