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Utah Utes football starting to look exciting after Fresno State drubbing

The Utes' offense was on fire once again, putting up 59 points en route to a blowout victory by 32 points. Finally, some of the excitement surrounding Utah football has legitimacy.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

It's official: you can now get excited about Utah football.  If you weren't already jacked up from their curb stomping of Idaho State Week 1 (see, back to that whole Seth Rollins/Curb Stomping thing), chances are you were doing pull-ups from the perfect pull-up bar hung on the door to your bedroom when they dropped 59 on Fresno State.

Aw, hell, these aren't the same Bulldogs the infamous Carr brothers led, but Fresno is a fairly talented school.  It all goes back to having the basic common sense of understanding that putting up 526 yards of offense on anybody in Division-I football is impressive.

If you had kicker Andy Phillips starting this week in your more-than-likely-illegal College Football Fantasy league, hats off to you.  The kicker reaped the benefits of the Utes' constant touchdowns, knocking through eight field goals and even adding a 47-yard field goal that got the scoring going.

Then again, let's not act like Mr. Phillips did all the nitty gritty.  I profess as much love for the kickers as the next guy that drafts them in the last round of every Fantasy Football Draft ever, but Travis Wilson is the one bringing home the bacon.

If there is one thing I've learned from college calculus, it's this: throwing five touchdowns and zero interceptions is a damn impressive ratio.  There's no need to start breaking out derivatives or imaginary numbers for that one.  Keep your scientific calculator at home boys and girls, Wilson is carrying the offense.

While Fresno did rack up more yards through the air than the Utes, the game was won in the trenches.  (Or, insert here some other cliché about one team ramming the ball down the other's throat.)

The Bulldogs would amass 55 yards on the ground, which paled in comparison to the 258 from Utah.  No rusher would top 75 yards for himself, with the leader being back up quarterback Kendal Thompson with 71.  Five different players would carry the ball at least nine times, showcasing the flexibility the Utes posses in the backfield.

A definite fan of the high-octane offense, junior wide receiver Kenneth Scott has been taking full advantage.  With a touchdown grab last week, Scott stepped up his game again on Saturday, hauling in two more snags good for six in the first half alone.  He'd lead the Utes with six catches.

Much has been made about what the Utah defense brings to the table.  There can be no denying their effort during the first half of the Fresno State game when it was still competitive, and how they allowed their offense to expand upon an early lead.  While nothing has looked out of the ordinary in terms of being a deficiency--that may ultimately be the problem.

The defense's weaknesses may not be exposed in over a week against Michigan, but following that, the Utes go through an absolutely tortuous schedule that involves, Washington State, UCLA, Oregon State, USC, Arizona State, Oregon, Stanford and Arizona.  Every single one of those schools prides themselves on their ability to put points on the board.  While optimism is always the proper road to take, expectations may have to slowly be tempered.

After the mugging of Fresno State, the Utes will have time to prepare for what could potentially be a historic showdown with the Michigan Wolverines.

This group will have a chance to showcase their talents on national television against one of the sport's all-time greatest programs.  With this offense, who knows what the limit is for the 2014 Utes?