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Oregon 48, Wyoming 14: Marcus Mariota, Erick Dargan, Ducks demolish Cowboys

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Who was your player of the game for the Ducks? What were the key stats and plays that defined the game?

Josh Estes (follow on Twitter): Erick Dargan - Two big interceptions that slowed down any WYO drive that could have made the game interesting.

Zach Pugh (follow on Twitter): Erick Dargan was both the player of the game, and also made the play that jump started the Ducks into the 48-14 rout over Wyoming. With Oregon up 13-7, the Cowboys had been playing the quack attack pretty hard, but were facing a 3rd and 10 on their own 26. Dargan snatched an INT and set up UO to take a 20-7 lead in the second quarter. A couple key stats include Dragan's two interceptions, and the Ducks could not be stopped on 3rd down, converting 9-11 attempts.

Sam Barbee (follow on Twitter)
: Marcus Mariota. I can't argue with 19/23. That's as near perfect as you can get. But the Ducks' first drive of the second quarter got them going. It's kind of surprising it took them a quarter to score.

Zach Willman (follow on Twitter): Marcus Mariota-the boring answer but probably the best one. It was on him to change the how the pace of the game was going and he did just that. Averaging 14.2 per rush/scramble and 9.6 per pass. Most importantly: No interceptions or fumbles.

Chris Turner (follow on Twitter): Marcus Mariota: He was incredibly efficient through the air, but we saw him utilize his feet in a big way for 71 yards against the Cowboys. Today was the first game we saw him really make that decision to tuck it and run and it paid off for the Ducks offense.

What was the most impressive part of today's performance for Oregon and why?
Josh Estes: Have to give the nod to the defense. Even though they gave up a lot of yards (400+), they found ways to make big plays and keep the Cowboys out of the end zone.

Zach Pugh: The passing offense was pinpoint with Marcus Mariota. His two TDs, and over nine yards per pass attempt to go along with a decent day on the ground kept the pressure on the Wyoming defense. Mariota displays more and more confidence under pressure every week. That's very encouraging moving into conference play.

Sam Barbee:  They were able to stay the course after being held scoreless in the first quarter. They might've overlooked Wyoming after last week, but they didn't overlook them for long. Good discipline.

Zach Willman: 6 drives in a row that ended in a TD. After the first drive they kept their drives under 10 plays and under two and half minutes. Executing the Oregon Offense is all they need to do and this was a gallery piece.

Chris Turner: The entire offense. It's what we expected, but scoring on seven of your ten drives is pretty damn impressive. They got off to a slow start, but they rebounded and pretty much held their own for most of the game.