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Rick Neuheisel celebrates son Jerry throwing game-winning touchdown

Here's one of your college football moments of the year!

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Brett Hundley went down early against UCLA, so the offense fell into the hands of Jerry Neuheisel the rest of the game. Neuheisel did what he could in limited minutes, but the offense was very stagnant for much of the first half. The Bruins would end up with only three points at halftime.

Then Neuheisel came out and had a really good second half thanks to team-wide assists. The running game opened up with some big plays on the first drive of the second half to put the Bruins in the end zone. The defense would hold their ground for the most part and make some big plays to stop drives and eventually seal the game. And a huge punt return by Ishamel Adams set up the eventual heroics by Jerry.

Rick Neuheisel was on pins and needles the moment his son had to come onto the field, and he would end up having that special moment in the Pac-12 Networks studios.

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