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Stanford Cardinal football blanks Army 35-0: Kevin Hogan, Devon Cajuste rediscover red zone touch

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Who was your player of the game for the Cardinal? What were the key stats and plays that defined the game?

Zach Pugh (follow on Twitter): Kevin Hogan is defiantly the safe pick here, but with four touchdown passes and no turnovers, the Cardinal offense didn't let Army have a chance in this game. Stanford needed to put up some points after such a poor showing in the red zone last week. 35 points and over 10 yards a pass attempt is a great way to rebound from a loss.

Sam Barbee (follow on Twitter): Devin Cajuste with the three touchdown receptions. No matter how open you are, you still have to catch the ball. And Stanford threw for more yards than they rushed for. That's an interesting trend for the Cardinal.

Ryan McGinn (follow on Twitter): Kevin Hogan looked very good rallying from last weeks lost versus USC. 216 yards and 4 touchdown tosses in that run-heavy offense is impressive. I have the hardest time not calling him Andrew Luck.

Zach Willman (follow on Twitter):: The Cardinal Defense led by AJ Tarpley (Intercepting one of only 5 passes)- They held Army to just under 200 rushing yards (their entire offense) on a barrage of 56 carries. Also a 4-for-14 3rd down efficiency for Army showed how much they were truly buried and in the control of The Stanford's defense

Chris Turner (follow on Twitter): I was impressed with Kevin Hogan and the Cardinal offense. After so many missed opportunities against USC last week, they finished drives this week and Hogan was very efficient in his passing today with 71% completion rate.

Trace Travers (follow on Twitter): I'm going to pull a Colonel Klink and say HOGAN! Timely references aside, Kevin Hogan put up some good numbers and four touchdowns. The red zone efficiency was much better this week because of Hogan's efficiency.

What was the most impressive part of today's performance for Stanford and why?

Zach Pugh: How great has this Cardinal defense been? The triple option is difficult to prepare for and the Stanford defense handled the threat flawlessly, only giving 3.5 yards a carry on 56 Army attempts. After three games, the Cardinal have only given up 13 points, including two shutouts.

Sam Barbee: They scored 14 points in the fourth quarter in a game that was over from the beginning. They ran away from Army and gave them no hope.

Ryan McGinn: In the words of my high school football coach, "They don't score, they don't win." The Stanford D comes to play again, bottling up Army triple option. 3.5 yards per carry against a team who knows how to run the ball is very respectable.

Zach Willman: From the Last drive of the 1st half, to the end of the game there was not a drive that Stanford did not score on. The majority of the possession was with Army but the defense stayed fit and covered the field exceptionally.

Chris Turner: Again, I go back to finishing drives. Any drive where they ended up in Army territory ended with a score. They wanted to make they didn't have a repeat of last week's performance.

Trace Travers: It's hard to pull a shutout, but Stanford has two on the season. That's solid and bodes well if Stanford can get the passing game humming like they did today.