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Arizona State Sun Devils football handles Colorado, but could lose Taylor Kelly for UCLA

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Doug Pensinger

Who were your key players of the game for Arizona State? What were the key stats and plays that defined the game?

Sam Barbee (follow on Twitter):
For ASU, by raw numbers it should be D.J. Foster, but I'm a quarterback at heart and I'm going with Taylor Kelly. Four touchdowns (three passing and another rushing) is pretty good in my book. Plus his TD run was 50 yards. That's pretty impressive for a signal-caller.

Zach Willman (follow on Twitter): For ASU, I'm going with Jordan Simone; this walk-on turned scholarship Defensive Back started his day with an interception on a deep streak route, had a forced fumble, and also stuffed Colorado on a 4th-and-1 goalline scenario that proved later to be decisive to prevent the Buffs comeback.

Zach Pugh (follow on Twitter): Taylor Kelly and D.J. Foster were instrumental in taking down Colorado. Kelly and the Sun Devils' offense poured the points on the Buffs early, scoring 17 in the first quarter. No matter how hard Colorado fought back Kelly led the offense to do just enough to keep the lead. D.J. Foster has been on fire this season with totals of 147, 216 and 148 in his first three games. Kelly didn't turn the ball over and threw for three TDs and even added 70 yards with his legs.

​Chris Turner (follow on Twitter):
D.J. Foster had a great game and was a big reason ASU was able to spread the offense out so effectively against Colorado Saturday finishing with 120 rushing yards and a score, and also added 59 receiving yards as well.

Josh Estes (follow on Twitter):
D.J. Foster & Jordan Simone (who also happen to be roommates). Foster's ground attack continues to be impressive, and hasn't slowed down despite the ramp up in talent level from week to week. If he can do what has been against UCLA next week then he will be on pace for a special year. Simone's two takeaways were the difference in the game. His INT and forced fumble led to 14 points -- ASU's margin of victory.

What impressed you the most about the Sun Devils?

Sam Barbee: The positive for Arizona State is they came to play against a Colorado team that has been a doormat as of late. It felt like a pretty good football game, despite the two-score margin.

Zach Willman: ASU's quick strike offense looked deadly early on, and again in the beginning of the 2nd half. DJ Foster was everywhere tonight and he was on fire. Strong was double-covered and still grabbed 77 yards.

Zach Pugh: Arizona State, like many teams in the Pac-12 has so much speed on offense, and it was impressive to see the offense pull no punches in the first quarter, putting up 17 points before the Buffs could even blink.

Chris Turner: Back to what I said above, ASU was able to spread the offense effectively against the Buffs and kept them guessing as to whether it was going to be Kelly through the air, or Foster on the ground.

Josh Estes:  The Sun Devils lost their Captain on Offense and Defense -- but they still held on for a victory. The emotional toll from that loss was clear on the sidelines and the body language of the team, but they rallied to hold on and beat a surging Buffs squad.

What concerned you the most about the Sun Devils?

Sam Barbee: As for the Sun Devils, give up 10.7 yards-per-carry average for the lead back is too many. What happens when they play Stanford? Or Oregon? Or Washington for that matter? That's a bit worrisome.

Zach Willman:  Arizona State's defense looked sloppy. They pressured too frequently which gave up In routes and they had a huge weakness in the deep streak routes. Also the offense needs to start converting more 3rd downs; 4-for-13 is pretty awful.

Zach Pugh: ASU has a BIG problem if Taylor Kelly is out for extended time. As one of the top quarterbacks in the conference, the absence of Kelly under center will hurt the conference title hopes of the Sun Devils.

Chris Turner: Well, the one thing to be concerned about ASU is the health of Taylor Kelly. Hopefully it's not too serious, otherwise, we'll see Mike Bercovici at QB next week vs. UCLA.

Josh Estes: First off -- injuries. If Taylor Kelly is out for any significant amount of time, the Sun Devils will be out of the Pac-12 South race. Also, how susceptible to big plays the Devils were. Their youth was glaring last night.

The song that best describes the ASU-Colorado game is _____________ because ____________.

Zach WIllman: Time Won't Let Me Go by The Bravery. If there was a Fifth Quarter the Buffs could have come back, and after the Rout appeared in full swing and the game appeared to be over, it in fact wasn't, and Taylor Kelly was injured with Devils a good distance ahead.

Zach Pugh: Aladdin--One Jump Ahead. Because ASU remained at least one jump ahead of the Buffs all game

Chris Turner: Takin' care of business by Bachman-Turner Overdrive because that's way ASU did against the Buffs. Pretty simple.

Josh Estes: Blink-182 - "Story of a Lonely Guy" -- That was what Taylor Kelly looked like on the sideline after the injury. Typically upbeat, he sat emotionless, being consoled by teammates.