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Oregon football defense bendable in beating Wyoming; what song describes the Ducks?

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What was the most concerning part of today's performance for Oregon and why?

Josh Estes (follow on Twitter): Conversely, the defense gave up 400+ yards to the WYOMING COWBOYS. They’re playing an inferior opponent, and gave up a lot. May have just been a hangover from last week’s big victory—but that can’t happen against a more talented team.

Zach Pugh (follow on Twitter): A few things stuck out today. The Duck's defense gave up two 4th down conversions, and 439 yards on defense. Now, the Cowboys only put up 14 points, so this could come off as "rich people" problems, but giving up 8.6 yards per pass play could hurt the Ducks when playing against better competition.

Sam Barbee (follow on Twitter):: It's the same thing as number two. They didn't score in the first quarter against a Wyoming team that shouldn't have held a candle to the Ducks. Oregon overlooked the Cowboys.

Zach Willman (follow on Twitter):: Defense has way too many holes; they gave Cowboy receivers way too much room. The first half they weren't able to pressure Kirkegaard and Mariota was getting pressured more than him. Complacency?

Chris Turner (follow on Twitter): Defense, defense, defense. They had their moments, like forcing three big turnovers mid-game, but giving up 400-plus yards to Wyoming isn't exactly what Don Pellum wanted to see from his defense. The 'Pokes are going to be a very decent team in the MWC, but they should've been held to a lot less.

The song that best describes Oregon's performance is _____________ because ___________

Josh Estes: "Bohemian Rhapsody" - Queen. Starts slow and then gets big and powerful.

Sam Barbee: Hit me with your best shot by Pat Benatar because they will get everybody's best shot every week.

Zach Willman: The song that best describes Oregon's performance is Psychotic Reaction by The Count Five. The Oregon defense is fine, they are able to adjust rather quickly and they are a very fit squad. Them giving up 439 yards to Wyoming was puzzling

Chris Turner: Song that best describes Oregon's performance today will be "Ain't No Thang" by OutKast because while they started slow against Wyoming, they ended up handling their business with ease the rest of the way.